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Every winter at the end of March a very special multi disability multi snow sports event takes placein a small mountain village in Norway 220 km north west of Oslo

My name is Ying Chan and I am a blind cross country skier who is one of 400 participants from 12 different countries coming to Beitostolen to take part in the Ridder week.

It’s a fun week of cross country ski races culminating in the big 20 k ski race known as the Ridderren or Knight’s race.
This podcast will plunge you in to the mad atmosphere and excitement created by the sounds, music and voices of the incredible Ridder week!

The Ridderren – Mad, Crazy, Exciting Disabled Cross Country Ski Racing in Norway


I’ve also added a recording of the army band playing at the celebration dinner on Saturday night if you would like to listen to it:

Army band playing at the celebration dinner

Please visit
for information on the Ridder week




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