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Ski for Light New Location!

Ski for Light is Going to a Brand-new Place!

The SFL 2020 event is coming together and it is going to be terrific. In late September, members of the SFL planning committee visited Casper, Wyoming, to see firsthand the specifics of our venue for the 45th annual Ski for Light International week. While we were there, the temperatures dropped into the low 40’s and it was actually possible to imagine that one day, it might snow again. We were delighted to find a small Western town with lots of local interest and very friendly people.

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Skiing Taster Day- 16 Oct

Skiing taster at The Snow-Centre 16 October

If you are interested in trying skiing for the first time or want to sharpen your skiing skills, then Metro Blind Sport and Disability Snowsport UK are seeking to arrange a taster day at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. If you would like to register your interest, please email or call him on 07956 292 046.

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Skiing: Ridderweek Audio Podcasts

Audio Podcasts

This podcast will plunge you in to the mad atmosphere and excitement created by the sounds, music and voices of the incredible Ridder week!

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Fitzpatrick & Kehoe Win Second Gold!

Menna Fitzpatrick & Jen Kehoe win second Para Skiing Gold

Britain’s Menna Fitzpatrick and guide Jen Kehoe have won their second gold medal at the Para Alpine Skiing World Championships in Sella Nevea, Italy.

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Cross country ski week in Norway!

Cross country ski week in Norway

The organisation of this event is so good that the army is waiting to help you with your bags when you reach the hotel, volunteers from the Lions Club are there to help you find food in the restaurant  and them your assigned guide helps you through the finding skis and boots out onto the slopes, well undulations as this is cross-country skiing and you are powering yourself up as well as guiding yourself down the terrain.

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