Blind Tennis Guide & Rules

Here is an overview of how Blind Tennis works:

    • The game is played either on a badminton court or on the service courts of a tennis court.
    • A specially adapted sponge ball is used. There is a noise-making device inside the ball.
    • Short tennis rackets are used.
    • The server shouts “Ready?” and then “Play!” before serving.
    • The ball may bounce up to three times before a totally blind player must hit it and twice before a partially sighted player must hit it.
    • Fully sighted players may not volley the ball to blind or partially sighted opponents.
    • Partially sighted players may not volley the ball to blind opponents.


Latest Guide to Visually Impaired Tennis

Download latest Blind Tennis guide – Word version – December 2016

Download latest Blind Tennis guide – PDF version – December 2016

Please download the document below for adaptations to the normal rules of tennis for blind and partially sighted players.
Adaptations to tennis rules for Blind Tennis players

For the main rules for tennis, please visit the link below.
Click here to open the ITF Tennis rules in a PDF Document

Coaching B1 Tennis – PowerPoint Presentation

link below to a PowerPoint Presentation on how to coach soundball B1 Tennis by Andy Crockett from Tennis for All & York Disability Tennis Network.

Coaching B1 Tennis – Powerpoint Presentation

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