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EAST VI Sailing Forum!

East Anglian Sailing Trust Forum!

EAST VI Sailing Forum: If you’d like to be a member of the forum, please email Jen at with your preferred contact method for the forum (email or particular social media outlet) and a little bit about what you’d like to get out of the forum and we’ll do our best to accommodate the most popular requests.

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VI Sailing – Team GB 2017!

GB Blind Sailing Team 2017

After being back nearly a month, it is hard to believe the success of GBR Blind Sailing but the proof is in the medals!

Although GBR Blind Sailing has one more weekend (18/19 November in Cowes). Where we welcome all to share their success. It is true to say that the programme the team put on from November 2016 has been a success for the those competing at the Worlds, but also other sailors who were involved seeing them develop and build, ready to set their goals for 2017/18.

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A Members review – Tideway Sailability

A Members review of Tideway Sailability by David Isaac

Disabled Sailing, how does that work? Will I enjoy it? If I am just a passenger, will it
just be like riding in a cab? And if I cant see then what´s the point? These are the sort
of questions I asked myself when my wife read the advert in Metro Blind Sport, I just
need to say, going there was definitely in the top ten best decisions of my life.

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British success at the World Blind Sailing Championship

B1 Sailing Team

Our GBR team of VI and sighted sailors have returned from the World Blind Sailing Championships in the US with silver medals in the B1 category, gold medals in the B2 and B3 categories and the Squadron Trophy for the highest ranked country overall. Another brilliant result for GBR sailing. Sharon Grennan, A Metro member, competed as the helm in the B1 boat and sums the event up below….

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Sailing – Blind Fleet Racing Worlds!

Sailing Update Blind Fleet Racing Worlds

GBR pulled the curtains back to be met with fog, but the  B2, B3 headed down to the water in hope for racing.  But by 11 o’clock the fog was still thick which saw the racing postponed for the day. he B1 teams are due to have their first warning signal at 14.00 but were held ashore with the thick fog.  But at 14.00 the call came from the race officer to get towed out. The B1’s all thought he was mad but by the time they hoisted sails it was clear and the light house was back in sight. First race started in 5 knots of wind and gradually tracked right as the subsequent races took place.

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