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Victa: Infinity Project 16-18 yrs!

Infinity Project with British Exploring Society & Jubilee Sailing Trust

Join the British Exploring Society and Jubilee Sailing Trust in a land and sea expedition on their pilot programme ‘Infinity’. This is a nine day joint land and sea expedition where you must be willing to challenge yourself both physically and mentally and support your fellow explorers amongst a diverse, mixed ability expedition group.

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World Blind Sailing Championships!

GBR Blind Sailing at the World Championships

The GBR sailing teams have just returned from a world championship sailing regatta in Scotland. It was the world blind sailing match racing championships. We sailed from the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club, who were exceptionally hospitable. They say that you can get four seasons in a day in Scotland, and we did every day…

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Blind Sailing Championships Day 4

With GBR1 finishing the qualifying series in the lead with a 100% they got to pick their opponents for the semi-finals; GBR1 Sharon Grennan picked USA, which meant that the second semi-final was GBR2 against Canada.

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Day 3 Blind Sailing Championships

Day 3 of the Blind Sailing Championships

Day 3 started the same way as day 2 with all sailors held ashore waiting for the breeze. This time gave all teams a chance to meet the sailors from France, who had brought there new app SARA to test. This app allows blind sailors to put in marks and gates of a race course, to then allow the app to advise the course to the mark and advise speed/distance. It was a great success with all teams.

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Blind Sailing Championships Day 2

GBR Blind Sailing Report on Day 2

GBR 2 had two races to finish the first Round Robin, seeing them first take on the USA.  It was a great close match, seeing GBR and USA battle up and down the race course.  GBR gained one penalty but was quick to clear on their first downwind leg.  GBR on the final beat took the right-hand side of the course seeing them in the stronger tides. The USA carried on up the beat taking to the Left-hand side making a split, then taking the lead. But a double tack at the top mark in the light breeze saw them slow and GBR managed to regain the lead and take the win.

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