League Tables

BCEW National League

Last updated: 7th August 2016

1. Sussex Sharks
Played: 5 Won: 4 Drew: 1 Lost: 0 Bat pts: 20 Bowl Pts: 18 Total: 100

2. Lancashire Lions
Played: 6 Won: 2 Drew: 4 Lost: 0 Bat pts: 18 Bowl Pts: 19 Total: 89

3. Warwickshire Bears
Played: 6 Won: 3 Drew: 1 Lost: 2 Bat pts: 17 Bowl Pts: 23 Total: 88

4. London Metro
Played: 5 Won: 2 Drew: 2 Lost: 1 Bat pts: 16 Bowl Pts: 15 Total: 71

5. Somerset VICC
Played: 4 Won: 2 Drew: 0 Lost: 2 Bat pts: 12 Bowl Pts: 12 Total: 52

6. Northants Steelbacks
Played: 6 Won: 1 Drew: 1 Lost: 4 Bat pts: 9 Bowl Pts: 7 Total: 31

7. Yorkshire Vikings
Played: 6 Won: 0 Drew: 1 Lost: 5 Bat pts: 12 Bowl Pts: 3 Total: 21


BCEW Development League South & East

Last updated: 31st July 2016

1. Surrey VICC
Played: 5 Won: 3 Drew: 2 Lost: 0 Bat pts: 19 Bowl Pts: 18 Total: 85

2. Metro Devils
Played: 5 Won: 1 Drew: 4 Lost: 0 Bat pts: 16 Bowl Pts: 10 Total: 62

3. Kent Spitfires
Played: 5 Won: 1 Drew: 3 Lost: 1 Bat pts: 16 Bowl Pts: 13 Total: 62

4. Dorset Dolphins
Played: 5 Won: 2 Drew: 2 Lost: 1 Bat pts: 15 Bowl Pts: 12 Total: 59

5. Hampshire VICC
Played: 4 Won: 0 Drew: 2 Lost: 2 Bat pts: 8 Bowl Pts: 6 Total: 30

6. Berkshire Stags
Played: 4 Won: 0 Drew: 1 Lost: 3 Bat pts: 10 Bowl Pts: 2 Total: 16

In-Touch Podcast: Blind Cricket!

In-Touch podcast new Glaucoma treatment and Blind Cricket

A new technology being trialled by doctors at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital offers an alternative for patients with advanced glaucoma . And we’re on the pitch to try out blind cricket – a version of the game for visually impaired and partially sighted people. We’ll speak to Ben Powis, a sociologist from Solent University in Southampton, who’s done some research about how people use their senses to play the game. The Lancashire Lions have just won their regional league, and we join them at a practice session in Manchester.

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BBS Cup Final now in Beckenham!

BBS Cup 2018 at county cricket ground beckenham

BBS Cup Final Heading for Beckenham

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Double Header – Different Fortunes!

Metro Devils Cricket Team

A weekend of two games for those: Everton and Hasmukh with the stamina to play at home on Saturday and then take a two hour trek to Yorkshire on Sunday. In this wonderful sunny summer just being outside in the sun is pretty exhausting for those standing and officiating; it is very physically demanding for those playing.

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Surrey Derby Devils Ahead by a Nose

Metro Devils Cricket Team

Saturday at Highgate was the first match in a double header over two weekends as the Devils faced Surrey in the league before the regional T20 cup semi-final at Frimley on Sunday 29th July. This local derby had added spice, as Hassan and Jack were facing their team-mates from last year; while Surrey had both Lois and Amit in their side.

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BCEW Women’s Team – International

BCEW UK Womens VI Cricket Teams First International!

The team, formed by John Garbett in 2015, will play five matches against the West Indies Women’s VI Team including a mixture of day and night games, whilst both teams will also enjoy a visit to the British High Commission.

The series is being organised in conjunction with the West Indies Cricket Council for the Blind and its overall aim is to develop women’s international visually impaired cricket.

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