Bowls Rules

In order that visually impaired people may fully participate in the sport, the following variations to the Laws of Bowling have been agreed. In all respects the laws of B.E. (Bowls England) shall apply, except that men and women may be members of the same club and bowls games may likewise be mixed.

Definitions and Regulations.
Dress: All competitors shall conform to B.E. and E.W.B.A. Rules.
Mats: Must be of regulation size and the front edge must be placed two metres from the ditch at each end.

Helpers: The sighted person assisting the bowler shall be referred to as the helper. He or she shall be in complete charge of his or her team or player, at all times. He or she shall remain at the mat end until the last wood is played, except when inspection of the head is thought necessary, The helper may assist the player with the strategy of the game.

Marker: The sighted person standing at the jack end shall be referred to as the marker.

Strings: A thin white string running from ditch to ditch shall be placed along the centre of the rink, under the mat.

Conditions of Play.

1. There shall be a marker at the jack end, and two helpers at the mat end.

2. The helper(s) shall lay the mat and assist with gathering-in etc. of woods for the player or players. They shall assist the lead player to have jack and bowl to hand in order to expedite play.

3. The marker shall straighten the jack and inform the helper the distance of the jack from the mat.

4. The jack must be delivered to a point not less than 75ft. from the front edge of the mat. If it is incorrectly delivered twice, the Marker should place the jack at 30 yds.

5. When the jack comes to rest the marker shall indicate to the helper by means of signals, the distance of the jack from the mat.

6. When the bowl comes to rest, the helper shall then inform the bowler where it has come to rest, using the clock system (see Coaching – 13 and 14)

7. No bowls may be disturbed until the helpers have agreed shots .

8. Players should stand well behind the jack or the mat in order not to interfere with play and observe silence.

9. No mechanical or visible aids shall be permitted other than centring strings (Other than those approved for any other disability – should the VI player have that disability).

10. If for any reason less than 5 ends are played, the game shall be null and void. Otherwise the score reached will be the result.



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