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What Is Visually Impaired Bowls

Visually impaired or blind bowlers play the game with some assistance from the marker.
When he/she delivers a wood, the marker gives information about where the wood is, in relation to the jack. In order to give an accurate idea to the bowler, the position of the wood is given in terms of a clock.

The distance is given in imperial measure, in yards, feet or inches.
Thus, if the wood finishes in line with the jack, but three yards short, then the marker calls
“Three yards at 6 o’clock.”

Visually Impaired Bowling Video below.

How is the 'String' used in VI Bowls?

Strings: A thin white string running from ditch to ditch shall be placed along the centre of the rink, under the mat.

As directions for the angle of green and the final position of the bowl at rest are given in terms of the clock, it is as well at this stage to clarify the use of the clock. 

 A preliminary demonstration of the clock method can be given to the pupil, by using their arm and hand. Use the hand on which to trace, with the finger, the clock face and position of the jack and likewise show the position of the mat as being at the top of the inside of the forearm. By running the finger down the forearm it is possible to demonstrate the course of a bowl from the point of delivery to the point of rest, using the clock method.

What does the 'Helper' do?

The Helper is the sighted person assisting the bowler. He or she shall be in complete charge of his or her team or players

 The helper(s) shall lay the mat and assist with gathering-in etc. of woods for the player or players. They shall assist the lead player to have jack and bowl to hand in order to expedite play.

 When the bowl comes to rest, the helper shall then inform the bowler where it has come to rest, using the clock system.

No bowls may be disturbed until the helpers have agreed shots



What does the 'Marker do?

Marker is The sighted person standing at the jack end .

The marker shall straighten the jack and inform the helper the distance of the jack from the mat.

The jack must be delivered to a point not less than 75ft. from the front edge of the mat. If it is incorrectly delivered twice, the Marker should place the jack at 30 yds.

When the jack comes to rest the marker shall indicate to the helper by means of signals, the distance of the jack from the mat.

I want to Know more. Who do I contact?

If anyone is tempted to join us or just wants to know more about the game, please get in touch with  Wilbert Williams

Contact: Email  Wilbert Williams or call
Tel no. 07956 352 199

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