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Queen Elisabeth Guiding Services!

Queen Elisabeth Guiding Services

Over 70 volunteers have received the training and are ready and raring to be a guide! call 07855 136 893   

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Run for GLFB London Marathon 2018!

Run for GLFB London Marathon 2018

We have a number of Golden Bond places up for grabs so give us a call today or email us for an application pack. Call 020 7620 2066

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Souleyman Bah runs for VI children!

Souleyman runs for VI children!

Souleyman is a visually impaired Para-athlete runner from Kingston who is challenging himself to run blindfolded for Royal Society for Blind Children because “VI children deserve to live a life without limits.”

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Run Marathon for the Primary Club!

Run the London Marathon 2018 for the Primary Club

If you didn’t get into the London Marathon through the public ballot then here’s your chance to run the famous route with a Primary Club charity place. If you’re interested please call Paul on 07740407489, or email

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“The key to beginning to enjoy running, for me, was trust”

Kelly Barton running on the beach

Up until last December I had never had a go at running – I just assumed that because I couldn’t see, it wouldn’t be possible. So, when I found out about my local parkrun and heard that they had trained/experienced guides, I decided to give it a go.

Kelly Barton talks about her experiences running as a blind person. At first running seemed a really scary concept – I couldn’t get my mind round moving fast outdoors, as when I’m walking with my cane I am always very cautious. Also, having to put my trust in a guide felt like a huge thing to do; I was reliant on that person to tell me about every bump, obstacle and turn, as well as what kind of surface we were running on and who and what was around us.

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