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What is visually impaired Archery?

Visually impaired archery is the same as sighted archery. We all use bows and arrows and shoot at a target. The difference is that because some of us can’t see the target we use a different type of sight called a “tactile sight”.

How do I Aim?


  • Foot locators to ensure your feet stay in the same position for each shot.
  • Tactile sight on a tripod to help you line up with the centre of the target
  • A sighted assistant (known as a spotter) to help you shoot safely and to tell you where the arrows hit the target.

How do I take part in visually impaired Archery?

To participate in VI archery, it’s about teaching you the basic techniques and making sure you can shoot safely.

Come down and have a go. 

Contact: Contact:  or Phone: 07966 260089

When and where can I try Archery?

Regular sessions take place,  please do check the archery events page as on occasion this may need to change.

Venue: TBC ( new venue being arranged – watch this Space)

Time: TBC ( new venue so new times possibly – watch this Space)

Contact: Contact:  or Phone: 07966 260089


VI Archery out of London?

There are a large number of archery clubs around the country who support visually impaired archers. To find out more about visually impaired archery…

email Peter Price, the archery section’s secretary.  British Blind Sport

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