Ski for Light New Location!

Ski for Light is Going to a Brand-new Place!

Ski for Light is Going to a Brand-new Place!

By Judy Dixon, SFL 2020 Event Chair

The SFL 2020 event is coming together and it is going to be terrific. In late September, members of the SFL planning committee visited Casper, Wyoming, to see firsthand the specifics of our venue for the 45th annual Ski for Light International week. While we were there, the temperatures dropped into the low 40’s and it was actually possible to imagine that one day, it might snow again. We were delighted to find a small Western town with lots of local interest and very friendly people.

Mike Evelo, our SFL 2020 Trails Coordinator, found that the Casper Mountain Outdoor Center, where we will be skiing, has that wonderful combination of both flat and gently rolling areas great for teaching beginners and for holding technique sessions, and that it also boasts forested areas with trails that have a lot of variety and many intersections to build up 5k and 10k courses. This ski area is famous for its biathlon competitions, including accessible equipment, so we are planning a Ski for Light biathlon on Thursday with plenty of time to practice.

The Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center, the event hotel for the week, is a compact facility that is very easy to navigate. There is an indoor pool on the first floor, the same floor on which all our meetings and activities will take place.

Again this year, we will hold our incredible silent auction and, by popular demand, we are bringing back the Ski for Light talent show. So, be sure and bring your talent with you to the event and be ready to audition on Tuesday afternoon. Other evening activities will feature a highly-recommended local deejay and several surprises.

If you haven’t already applied to attend, please do so soon by going to

Visit the SFL website at to learn the complete details of the 2020 event, and to complete and submit your online application to attend.

I look forward to seeing each of you at the 2020 Ski for Light event. The excitement of a new venue in a state rarely visited by many of us will no doubt make this a very special SFL year!

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