Sight & Sound Webinar on Louie Voice – 10 Feb!

Sight and Sound webinar on Louie Voice Control App - 10 Feb

Sight and Sound Webinar on Louie Voice – 10 Feb!

Sight and Sound is delighted to welcome Pramit Bhargava, founder of Louie Voice to their next Webinar Wednesday session, taking place at 2:00 pm on Wednesday 10th February.

Imagine being able to fully control popular Apps and phone functionality with just voice commands!

Graham page from TPT Tech team will be attending and like many, he is interested in the future cost and what  Apps will natively be supported in the near future.

By just giving voice commands to Louie Voice, you can book a taxi, enjoy your favourite videos on YouTube, send a text or audio messages, share audio and video, make audio and video calls, fully manage your contacts and make phone calls.

Louie Voice is an accessibility app and can be used by all voice-lovers, including but not limited to people with low or no vision, motor-disabled, elderly, people with limited manual dexterity and indeed anyone who just wants hands-free access.

Pramit will tell his own story that lead to the development of Louie Voice, and he and his team will demonstrate the power of this Android application.

Register here to attend this Zoom session.

Webinar Sessions run every fortnight, on a Wednesday, at 2:00 pm BST, that’s 3:00 pm in Central Europe, and 09:00 am on the East/Coast of America.

If you have missed any of their recent sessions, you can view them on our YouTube Channel or here on their podcast page.



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