Shape up with Spurs every Wednesday at 2pm!

FREE Virtual Exercises Wed 2pm - Tottenham Hotspur Foundation

Shape up with Spurs

Visually Impaired Virtual Exercise classes

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is looking to support and improve your Physical, Mental and Social Health throughout this difficult period. Join the FREE virtual exercise classes hosted by Tottenham Hotspur Foundations Health and Wellbeing coaches.

When asked what is most enjoyable about the sessions, 38-year-old Metro member Chandni said, “The energy and the fact that it’s not just an easy workout, however, there is also that flexibility for beginners – the programme is tailored for people of all abilities.”

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation will be running weekly exercise classes exploring different types of training including:

  • Weights training – using light weights (dumbbells, water bottles, tins, books etc)
  • Calorie Burning Interval Classes
  • Core Blaster
  • Flexibility and Stability training – Promoting better balance, coordination and reducing the risk of injury
  • Recovery and mindfulness techniques

Event information

Sessions take place on Zoom virtual video platform on Wednesday’s at 2 pm

if you wish to register interest or find out more please contact:
Contact: Adam Millar   07392091327 or email

Metro Members Feedback on  the previous sessions

When asked how the sessions have helped, 39-Year-old Adi said  “They have made me realise how fit I am, and they have given me a better understanding of how to be active. It’s also made me realise you can get a nice workout without any equipment. I like the fact that there is an accessible online programme to attend. I think the best thing which would make me return is the trainer Adam, who is really engaging and funny and makes the session good.”


72-year-old Dolly said about the programme “I have been looking forward to these sessions every week they were on and felt better after each one. I was even practising the exercises which we learnt in my own time. The socialising aspect of the programme was great too as sometimes we have a minute to talk with the other participants which is really nice. Of course, Adam has been brilliant too and all the other participants who take part – there’s no pressure from anyone.”

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