SEEING Exhibition Project via online workshops and phone calls!

SEEING Exhibition Project with VICTA and the Science Gallery London

Science Gallery London consultation workshop

Health considerations: Considering the current health emergency, we are considering other alternative forms of consultations, like online workshops and phone calls.

The Science Gallery London (SGL) and VICTA are teaming up to deliver a project as part of the SGL’s SEEING Exhibition and season of events which is hopefully  launching 22 July.
This co-created artistic project requires a team of creative young adults with a vision impairment aged 18-25 years to design and lead it.

When: Starts end of April
More details on timescales are available on the application page
Who: 18 to 25 years Organisers: Science Gallery London and VICTA:
Location: Science Gallery London, London Bridge
Cost: Free – see ‘Other Practical Information’ below
Closing Date: 31 March 2020  Find out more and apply

Call for blind and partially sighted participants to consult on upcoming gallery exhibition

We are looking for blind and partially sighted participants that would be willing to take part in consultation workshops about an upcoming exhibition about ‘sight’. The gallery is an incredible space for young people, and it’s working to make their programmes and spaces accessible,

We are mainly looking for participants who are between 15 and 25 years old, but we are very flexible.

In case you are unable to attend the workshop, but you would like to contribute, please get in touch and we will arrange an alternative way.

Date: Saturday 25/04/2020
Time: 11am- 1pm
Contact: Rafie, the workshop organiser, on

About the consultation:

Science Gallery London would like to invite a group of young people (mainly aged 15-25, but older people are welcome) to participate in a 2-hours consultation workshop about accessibility, resources and information for the upcoming exhibition ‘Seeing’ (details below). The workshop will include a presentation about the exhibition, its aims and objectives, the artworks, and the events season that will run alongside the exhibition.

The aim of the consultation is to hear what resources would be interesting for blind & partially sighted visitors and what shape that content could take. We are particularly interested in exploring with the group the scope for and interest in live audio description, tactile models, or recorded audio, amongst other forms. We would like to use the outcomes of the consultation to feed in to designing meaningful forms of content for blind and partially sighted visitors, and to create a long-term commitment within the gallery to the experience of blind and partially sighted visitors.

Who can apply?

You must be:

  • Registered or registrable blind or partially sighted
  • At least 15 on 31st March 2020
  • Aged 25 or under on 22nd July 2020
  • Able to maintain your own personal hygiene
  • Able to independently take medication (if applicable)

Find out more and apply


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