Sailing: Scottish Island Flotilla May 2021 with VISA-GB

Sailing: Scottish Island Flotilla Sat 15-22 May 2021 with VISA-GB

Sailing: Scottish Island Flotilla May 2021 with VISA-GB

** It’s time.  Yes folks we’ve gone and done it, sorted it and are looking forward to it!!   The Scottish Island Flotilla is now slotted in for the marvellous month of May 2021.

Here in splendid isolation, tucked in the engine room of Visa towers, there’s been work afoot.  We’ve been planning, persuading and biscuit testing as we work out the best way to turn our backs on this wretched Corona fella and look forward to crew cuddles, close handed tacking and generally laughing in the face of spring 2020.

Along with our lovely pink legged friends, at Flamingo Yacht charter, we have now nailed down the dates for our trip – so diaries out, bunting to the ready, drum roll…

Ladies and Gentlemen, shipmates and cabin buddies your presence is requested at Largs Sailing Club from Saturday 15th May through to Saturday 22nd May in the good year 2021!!

So there you have it, polish your sporran, brush off the Tam ‘o Shanter,  get the cat booked into a boarding house and get yourself ready.  We have sufficient time to plan, plot and prepare to make this a sailing celebration befitting all us brave soles that have stuck to, supported, and generally kept our chins high throughout this extraordinary period.

Super Sue is on hand to answer any questions regarding bits and bobs on the joining, booking, rebooking front. If you need Sue’s convivial tones call her on 07767 717440.  Steve Benn has been promoted to the cheese police and will inspect bags for those sneaky stilton’s.  Captain Kitchen is in full flow with local hosterlies and brewers to ensure they can ramp up supplies.

Good times are just around the corner!




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