Sailing: Pip’s challenge and future sunshine trips – Visa-GB!

Sailing Pip's challenge and future sunshine trips - Visa-GB

** Winter draws on shipmates – unpack the long johns and fire up the kettle, we’ve tales to tell and questions to ask.

First and foremost is the latest update on our Visually Impaired Sailing Association patron, and sailing superstar, Pip Hare who’s about to set off from the comfort of Poole and head to France for the start of the Vendee Globe Race.  Set your watches, mark your calendar as this world-girdling challenge kicks off at 1202 GMT on Sunday 8th November.  24,000 miles around the globe, no stops, no help just our Pip and fellow competitors battling the elements for the race of a lifetime.

As Pip says:

“More men have walked on the moon than women have completed the Vendée Globe, which is all the inspiration I need to succeed”

Our message to you Pip is “we wish you every success in this amazing venture, just getting to the start line has been an inspiration to us all.  You have shown us what can be achieved with determination, a desire to be the best, and a single-minded approach. Like many of us you’ve had to push past barriers unseen by most to get where you are.  We salute you Pip, enjoy the race, we know there will be challenging times but your strength and determination will see you through.  We are proud to have you as our Patron and our support and best wishes are with you every step of the way”

We can all follow Pip’s progress via the Pip Hare Racing Facebook page, here’s a link:

As the rain streaks down the cabin hatches, our minds turn towards warm water sailing, how we’d all like to dip our toes into that I hear you say!  Well now’s your chance as Big Al is on the case and starting to plan a trip for the end of September 2021 on the stunning coast of Croatia – yes folks we are planning to charter as many boats as needed to deliver a deliciously delightful trip next Autumn.

All you need to do is contact super Sue, our membership guru on 07767717440,  to let us know if you’d like a bunk with your name on it.  Alan’s not exactly sure of the departure date yet but a weeks sailing will cost around £400 plus your flights, this will cover yacht charter, food onboard and as much tea as you can drink, the occasional beer and meal ashore will be on top.

Don’t forget to check out our sailing plan page on the website, here’s a link: Sailing Plan

That’s it, for now, folks, hope the oilskins are still waterproof!

All the best form all at Visa-gb HQ

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