Blind Sailing beats the Blues!

Sailing - It's official - Blind Week beats the Blues

Sailing: It’s official, Blind Week beats the Blues.

The sun shone, the wind blew, the sea was flat and the smiles were beaming.  The recipe was right and  the proportions spot on as Blind Week 2019 hit Lymington town, we were there with four yachts as a part of the twenty two strong fleet of boats with over fifty blind and visually impaired sailors pulling the strings and singing the songs.

The Visa-gb fleet all pimped up wearing our sexy dodgers and flying our flags cut a dash as we manoeuvred our way from one end of the Solent to the other.  Many a positive comment from the spectators on the wall and sailors on other boats as we moored our charges with the lightest of touches.

What a surprise expressed by the boat owner we rafted alongside when introduced to the visually impaired helm and crew that secured the boat, and the delight in showing off ability.

Pontoon parties, gala dinners, early morning fitness work outs, swimming in the bay, motorbike riding (please don’t ask!), wet wheels driving and of course we filled our boots with sailing, sailing, glorious sailing.

Fish & chip suppers, egg and bacon breakfasts, veggie, vegan, cake and cuppas and, dare I let the cat out of the pc bag?, dancing on the tables!  Great organisation from Will & Grant, thanks again to the Royal Lymington Yacht Club and a special thanks to the fleet leaders who did a great job, yes you may now rest your weary eyes.

So folks it’s done and dusted for another year, but what’s next we hear you cry? Well fear not as back at Visa HQ plans are afoot.  First, we’ve a week on the South coast starting on 26th August where we plan to visit Poole and the surrounding area to promote Visually Impaired sailing to local organisations, there are a couple of berths available as I write.

Then we have two separate weeks exploring Majorca, twelve Visually Impaired sailors will be exploring the Island’s harbours and coves with an aim of a six boat flotilla in Autumn 2020, more details on this after the trip.

West Coast of Scotland Trip

If you can’t wait until Blind week 2020 then sign up for our trip to the beautiful West Coast of Scotland, we’re sailing out of Largs and have five yachts booked and an option on one or two more. We will have over 30 Visually Impaired sailors onboard, it doesn’t matter if you’re an old hand or a newbie you’ll get a warm welcome and an opportunity to feel empowered, energised and engaged aboard our yachts.

The dates are 18th April to 25th April 2020, the cost is £300 this includes all food for meals onboard but you’ll have to cover the cost of transport to and from Scotland.

To book please email membership supremo Sue Hogge at or call her on 07767717440.

That’s all for now folks, enjoy the rest of your summer and I hope we’ll meet up on the water soon.      Ready about………….



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