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 Update on World Blind Sailing Championships

Day 2

GBR pulled the curtains back to be met with fog, but the  B2, B3 headed down to the water in hope for racing.  But by 11 o’clock the fog was still thick which saw the racing postponed for the day.

Sailing boat moves out of clearing fog
Sailing boat moves out of clearing fog

The B1 teams are due to have their first warning signal at 14.00 but were held ashore with the thick fog.  But at 14.00 the call came from the race officer to get towed out. The B1’s all thought he was mad but by the time they hoisted sails it was clear and the light house was back in sight. First race started in 5 knots of wind and gradually tracked right as the subsequent races took place.

Three sailing boats very close together
Three sailing boats very close together

With 6 boats on the starts line all were fiercely fought and the team were being a little hunted down and struggled on two of starts to get to the line and were held out. They fought hard and came back into the race and managed to get a third and two fourths.

The racing was close and tight with a few incidents on the runs and leeward marks with collisions and protests being hailed. The final results of the days racing are all pending results of the protests.

 Day 3

Teams woke again to fog but the forecast showed it to lift early morning.  B1’s were up first with the race officer hoping to fit in 3-4 races.

The fog cleared and it was a day for all three fleets with champagne sailing with clear blue sky’s, slight rolling waves and winds building to around 12 knots by the end of the day.

B1’s had a solid day seeing them take a 2,2,1,3, without too many issues, having good boat speed and sailing the shifts, Lucy said “it is great to see Catherine take part in her first world championships coming off the water with a huge smile” it is also thanks to Marine Skills Academy and Gill for providing team GBR with kit, it is true to say it helps the team feel and look professional and gives an imposing presence.

B2 fleet again dominated the day seeing them take three wins out of three, but they had to fight for a good start with the USA hunting them down in all three pre-starts, but with good boat speed and great team work they were able to work their way through the fleet to take the wins.  The hard work prestart was helped by Optimum Time watches giving great timing to both the sighted and VI’s.  The sighted having clear screens and sounds, and the VI’s with sound and vibration right through to the gun.   

B3 teams again had good strong racing seeing the two GBR teams battle it out around the race track.  Both teams had strong boat speed against the two other countries, with Austen taking 3,1,2 and Cammidge with a 1,2,1. Both boats were aided by sure footing from Adidas footwear supporting them in the changing conditions.

Two sailing boat very close leaning into the wind
Two sailing boat very close leaning into the wind

 Overnight team GBR is sitting with an 11 point clear lead for the Squadron Cup after day 3 of racing, with 3 more days to go.

We also thank in addition to those sponsors mentioned above, all of our other sponsors, including Barton Marine for our radios which proved invaluable in both race and practice days.

Training Update for World Blind Sailing Championships and sponsorship challenge! 

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