Rules & History of Blind Tennis by Martin Etheridge

Rules & History of Blind Tennis by Martin Etheridge

“Ikimasu.” “Hai”: Blind Tennis Rules 2021

This is the first book ever to be written in English about blind tennis. It charts the amazing story of Takei and of the legacy he has left. It also brings together and introducing you to the rules of blind tennis!


Miyoshi Takei was glad that he never gave up on his dream to play tennis. After becoming blind at the age of one and a half, there was a moment he realised he was somehow different. He had always thought his brothers saw things the same as him but he was wrong.

The author Martin Etheridge has over 40 years experience of officiating – across three different sports. He first came across tennis for the blind and visually-impaired six years ago and was hooked. He is passionate about the power of sport to make a difference for players with a disability.

This book will open your eyes to blind tennis by:

  • celebrating the achievements of Miyoshi Takei;
  • bringing together and introducing you to the rules of blind tennis;
  • highlighting a range of cases and decisions to interpret these rules;
  • inviting you the reader to play a role in helping to shape the future of the sport.

This book takes you on a journey of discovery to find out how blind tennis first started. It is about one man’s determination and perseverance and will appeal to players, coaches, officials and volunteers alike.

Two words are all you need to play. “Ikimasu”. Hai”. So “Are you ready?.” “Yes”. ….. Play.


History of Blind Tennis


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