Roy Smith MBE visits the Teddington Beavers!

Group Photo of the Teddington Beavers With Roy Smith MBE who is holding his olympic torch!

Roy Smith MBE visits the Teddington Beavers!

“Samuel loved the evening, but I think the thing that really engaged him was hearing about what Roy had achieved and then seeing Roy with his cane, Samuel also uses a cane, and I think this made the point that he can engage with sport in whatever way he can”    

Roy smith MBE, ex-Paralympian and Metro blind sport vice president, visited the first-ever Teddington Beaver meeting and shared some blind and partially sighted adapted sports and activities with them.

The evening went well, and Roy really engaged with the Beavers. He was also very open about his vision impairment. He told them not just about how this affected him playing sport but also in daily life.

They got to see some of the everyday challenges that someone living with sight loss faces, such as getting out and about. Roy showed his cane and how it helps him get out and avoid obstacles.

The beavers also saw how simple things like knowing when someone is talking to you are entirely different for someone living with sight loss.

They also played a game in which they were blindfolded, and this showed them how much you rely on your sight and how much not seeing affects fundamental things, like your sense of direction, and they especially liked getting their photo taken with the Olympic torch.

The evening provided an engaging opportunity to highlight blind and partially sighted sport and helped the beavers understand the challenges an athlete with sight loss faces.

Roy demonstrated how you could achieve anything you want regardless of the barriers you face, which is a really positive message for young people. As well as this, the evening was an enjoyable and inspiring one, and I’d definitely recommend it!


“Samuel enjoyed the evening and meeting, Roy. He hasn’t stopped talking about the visit. Whilst he listened and took it all in, what helped Samuel was hearing about Roy’s cane.

Samuel afterwards said, ‘Roy had a cane just like me,’ and he took a lot of positives from that as he saw a positive role model who, despite the challenges of sight loss, had achieved so much and relied on a cane just like Samuel.

Samuel has always liked sport, but now he’s keen to get involved and is looking forward to getting out with his new running VI and Guide Top!

The beavers all went away talking about the evening to their parents!

Roy is a real inspiration to everyone!”


Article by Ed Wilson


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