Positive Eye Idea Machine for Younger VI children – Mon Wed & Fri 4pm

Positive Eye Idea Machine for Younger VI children - Mon Wed & Fri 4pm

The wonderful Gywneth McCormack, Director of Positive Eye, a company that provides resources and training for those working with younger VI children, including those with additional needs, is presenting free online VI friendly story and art and craft sessions every  Mon, Weds and Fri at 4 pm on Facebook


And today there will be a story written by a guest writer

If you have young children, come and join us. If you don’t – come anyway!

“So many exciting crafts to make and share with you.

Birthday shout outs for anyone special – let me know their names to include

Super Star Time for Adults and Children, send in your pictures or just let me know the name of someone you would like me to mention!

See you on Mon, Weds and Fri  at 4 pm please share and join me for a heartwarming hour”

Positive Eye Idea Machine

Positive Eye Idea Machine has been established by Founder of Positive Eye – Gwyn McCormack to support the community of professionals, parents and children during the COVID19 crisis.

It offers an interactive and practical fun, inspiring story session three times per week LIVE on Facebook to which everyone is invited to join a heartwarming session.

Positive Eye is an international provider of highly practical courses, training and innovative resources to support the needs of children with special educational needs with a particular specialism in Vision Impairment. Positive Eye’s work is internationally recognised and highly respected.

For further information visit www.positiveeye.co.uk

The following page links provide families with some fun ideas, activities and inspiration during the periods of time spent at home during the months of the COVID19 Epidemic.

They are not specific to a particular type of educational need but are holistic, can be adapted to meet sensory requirements and are activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

You may also enjoy participating in the online weekly ‘Gwyn the Idea Machine’ a workshop to watch a fun creative make created by Gwyn, which you can then create for your child! Recycled materials, glue and scissors, cheap and cheerful ideas! Click on the links to take you to the pages listed

Multi-sensory literacy Workshops 

Experience and story books

Early maths and concept development ideas

Story books written by Gwyn McCormack

Other locations with 88 pages of resource ideas from Positive Eye – Paths to Literacy


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