Please support Odette £2600 Challenge for Metro Blind Sport!

Please support Odette in her £2600 Challenge for Metro Blind Sport!

Odette £2600 Challenge for Metro Blind Sport!

As the London Marathon was cancelled this year many charities lost fundraising opportunities. The Challenge 26 was created to help charities fundraise.

My Challenge is to create 26 different exercises in 26 days using tin cans as weights and I will continue if you continue to donate!

I started doing some workouts using tins as weights, carefully describing each move as I know that it would be very hard for those who cannot see screens to follow the regular videos posted on Youtube. So help me keep blind and partially sighted people fit and well with some easy exercises to do at home!

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My aim is to raise £2600 for Metro blind sport, a charity that supports blind and partially sighted children and adults to participated in physical activities and sports. Charity No.1158098

To view Odette’s new exercises each day on Youtube – just click the link below

Odette’s 2.6 Challenge Exercise Playlist



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