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Wrexham set to host LTA VI Tennis National Finals for the 2nd Year in a row!

VI Tennis National Finals: Waved competition Prerequisite!

Audio-described tour of London Zoo – 2 Nov 2022!

Sports and Social Activities Support Intern 

London VI Blind Football Festival: 1 Dec 2022

Free VI virtual Latin Dance Classes Starts 18 April – Step Change Studios!

Free VI virtual Latin Dance Classes Start 18 April - Step Change Studios!

Free VI virtual Latin Dance Classes: Step Change Studios are delighted to share that we are starting free online live VI Latin dance sessions. Our professional Latin dance teacher Clair will be running a 40-minute live online class starting this Saturday 18th April at 11 a.m. We will run this every Saturday for 4 weeks.

Free VI Ballroom & Latin Dance

Free VI Ballroom & latin Dance

Free Latin & Ballroom dance programme for blind & vision impaired people. This unique programme will support people to learn Latin and Ballroom dance over a 30-week programme. There will be opportunities to take an exam and perform for people that would like to – or participants can dance socially. For registration details please email or call. contact@stepchangestudios.com or Call 07976 363861