Online Chair Yoga Session 3 with Claire Miller

Audio Described Chair Yoga Session 3 with Claire Miller

Chair Yoga Session 3 with Claire Miller -Youtube Video Below

“Hello and welcome to class number three!

So my name is Claire. Claire Miller Yoga, Please, make yourself comfortable in your seat, as always you need to be on a chair, on the sofa or on the floor, just take a moment, just to adjust your body, to get comfortable and then just take a moment, to breathe, focus the breath, focus the mind on the breath, just allow the body to be still”  Claire Miller

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Chair Yoga Session 2 with Claire Miller -Youtube Video Below

“Hello and welcome again, to this little online wellness session.

I hope everything is okay in your world today. So my name is Claire, thank you for joining, if you’re joining for the second session,  let’s again as we did last time, just take a moment to get comfortable in our seats, whatever you’re sitting on, whether it’s chair or sofa or sitting onto the floor and take a moment, just to take a few big inhales.”  Claire Miller

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Each class will begin & end with focus on your breath , leaving you with a sense of lightness. Claire will give clear & descriptive instructions for each movement,  so you  can relax and enjoy your class.

Claire is a highly qualified fitness & yoga teacher, who became visually impaired a few years ago & truly believes that yoga is for all.


VI Chair Yoga Session 1 with Claire Miller – Youtube Video Below

Chair Yoga Session 1

“Good morning or afternoon whatever time of day is with you and welcome to this little chair yoga session. So, my name is Claire from Claire Miller Yoga and I will be taking you through this gentle practice this morning.

So this is our first session so all you need today, is just something to sit on whether it’s a  dining chair, a sofa, you can sit on the floor, whatever works for you.”  Claire Miller

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