Odette Battarel represents France in the International Blind Tennis Tournament.

Odette Battarel SELVis CEO represents France in the International Blind Tennis Tournament.

Odette Battarel, from South East London Vision (SELVis), will represent France in the first ever International Blind Tennis Tournament.

Odette, the Chief Executive of SELVis – a part of the Pocklington family  and our Metro Blind Sports Tennis lead– will be one of 70 players from 14 countries, including six players from Great Britain, taking part in the tournament.

Organised by the International Blind Tennis Association, the tournament will take place in Alfaz del Pi in Spain from May 6-11.

  • Official matches: Tuesday 9th May, Wednesday 10th May and Thursday 11th
  • Trophy Ceremony: Thursday 11th

Short link to Tournament info Website:  http://bit.ly/2qRLdKC

At the end of the event, the first ever blind tennis world rankings will be established.

Blind Tennis, also known as Soundball Tennis, is played on a smaller court than standard tennis with a sponge ball that makes a noise when it bounces. The standard rules of tennis apply with a few modifications, including being allowed three bounces if you’re totally blind and two bounces if you’re partially blind.

Odette Battarel Getting ready for the first International Vision Impaired Tennis Tournament in Spain 7- 8 May 2017

Odette, a former blind tennis champion, said she was honoured to be selected to play for France.

“This is the very first International Blind Tennis Tournament. It means the start of the road towards the Paralympics. I hope that one day this sport will be Paralympic,” she said.

Odette has been playing blind tennis for 10 years and has helped introduce the sport to Germany and Ireland.

She said the sport was a great way to keep fit, meet new friends and meet players from all over the UK.

“The international event will help promote the sport and hopefully encourage more players to take it up, more coaches to coach, and more funding to help with the cost of running local clubs.”

We wish Odette, and all of the players, all the best in the first International Blind Tennis Tournament!

For more information, visit http://ibta-takei.com/

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