News & Events Update – 24 March 2021

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News & Events Update

This week we have more good news about activity resuming. It is great to share the positive information, and let’s hope this will continue.


Tennis is coming back! Due to the exemption for disability sport announced last week for indoor activity, we can get back to sessions from Wednesday 14th and Friday 16th April, subject to the Government rubber-stamping the exemption. Islington Tennis Centre have provisionally booked us in. As soon as everything is confirmed, we will let members know.


We are pleased to say that the football sessions at the Score Centre will be resuming shortly for the same exemption reasons. They will commence in April, and we are just finalising arrangements with the facility. As soon as the details are agreed upon, we will share the information with members.


Ride Side-by-Side with Bikeworks and Metro Blind Sport

Just a reminder for everyone, we start these sessions next week, and these are fully booked, which is excellent news.We have sessions running every week, so please do get in contact if you want to attend sessions in April. They will be on the following days:

  • Tuesday 6th April
  • Wednesday 7th April
  • Tuesday 13th April
  • Wednesday 14th April
  • Tuesday 20th April
  • Wednesday 21st April
  • Tuesday 27th April
  • Wednesday 28th April

There will be two time slots available on each of the days. Session 1 is from 9.30 am until 11 am, and session 2 is from 11.30 am until 1 pm.

If you are keen to come along to one or more of the sessions, then please email Martin.


Audio Described Breathwork Practice with Claire Miller

Claire Miller is back doing some work for us, and this time we have shared an audio described de-stressing video. A perfect way to de-stress in only 10 minutes. Use it to get away from the screen and make well-being part of your day! Your mind and your eyes will thank you! Breathwork practice helps release mental, physical, and emotional stress and creates feelings of openness, peace, gratitude, clarity, communication, and connection.

Access the session here:



Last week we mentioned the bowls sessions starting at Paddington Bowls Centre after 12th April for outdoor bowls. Due to the recent changes, we may secure some indoor bowling, and we are investigating options now.

Thanks to Sport England funding, we have secured several memberships to the bowls centre so that playing is free of charge. We will keep the bowls players updated on the details of reopening when we get further information.

If new players would be keen to try bowls, then please get in touch with Charlie, and we can invite you along for a game.


Shape up with Spurs

Sessions continue on Zoom on Wednesday’s at 2 pm. If you wish to register interest or find out more, please contact:

Adam Millar  07392091327


British Blind Sport

 Along with their inclusive coaches, British Blind Sport have developed audio-led workouts, covering a wide range of activities such as Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Boxercise and Strength Training as part of their Active at Home Programme.

Find out all of the details of the live session by clicking here



Sense Active offer a range of inclusive sport and physical activities. They work with experienced instructors and providers who aim to make each session enjoyable, accessible, inclusive and fun. Please contact for booking, but a link to the activities can be found here.


Walking Programme

We have had a good response from people interested in taking part in our walks in London parks. We are continuing to make the necessary arrangements, but in the meantime, if you might want to join us, then please email to register your interest.


News Items


Metro at the House of Lords!

 Last week Martin Symcox, Metro Blind Sport CEO, was invited to give evidence at the House of Lords National Sport and Recreation Committee. Martin was in a breakout room with Lord Addington, Baroness Morris and Baroness Brady.

The committee was appointed to consider the effectiveness of current sport and recreation policies and initiatives and the case for a national plan for sport and recreation.

Before the Meeting, Martin contacted a few of our members to get their views. A huge thank you to all who provided their feedback.

Armed with the positive evidence on what sport can help achieve. Martin highlighted the key issues facing young, visually impaired people regarding sport and physical activity directly to the house of Lords.

  • Improve societies awareness and understanding that sight loss isn’t a barrier to participation in, engagement with or enjoyment of sport or physical activity.
  • Increase the skills and knowledge of local sports organisations, providers and facilities about sight loss to make participation in sport and physical activity more accessible and inclusive.
  • Increase the confidence of blind and partially sighted people to take part in sport or get active.

Rainbow Mbuangi, a young man from St. Vincent’s school, joined Martin and shared how his confidence grew considerably since fully partaking in a range of sports he couldn’t previously!  Now Rainbow is a Merseyside Blind and Visually Impaired Football Club player and part of the England Blind Football squad.

It was a rewarding experience for both Martin and Rainbow as they engaged the Lord’s Committee in the issues faced, and it is pleasing to know that they are keen to find solutions.

What happens next?

 The committee has been receiving written and oral evidence since December and continue to do so. Historically, evidence committee’s produce a report for the Government based on their findings.  We will update you when we know more.



Our numbers are growing on the Metro Blind Sport Facebook page. We encourage you to get involved with our new Facebook page, perhaps sharing your results of the weekly challenge with us, link below or sharing any other activity that you might be doing.

This weeks exercise challenge is ” How many Ball Taps can you do in the 30 Seconds?” Described & demonstrated by inclusive sports coach Mark Bullock!  Link:

To visit the Facebook page, please follow this link and give us a follow and a like.


Lawrence Gunther Podcast

Lawrence is a visually impaired blogger in Canada. Join Lawrence for the latest outdoor lifestyle news, environmental issues, outdoor tech reviews, and tips on exploring the outdoors with a guide dog.


 An online workshop for better access to outdoor activities

The researchers at University College London need help to understand better the outdoor activities of interest to blind and partially sighted people.

They are running an online workshop to explore ways to improve access to outdoor spaces and activities for the blind community in east London. They welcome blind and partially sighted people interested in sharing their experience and explore the challenges of accessing outdoor activities. The workshop will co-create ideas of technologies, resources and design outdoor leisure, sports, arts, and cultural activities for the disabled community in east London and beyond.

This workshop will be run online over Microsoft Teams on 1st April 2021 and will last approximately 3 hours. There will be multiple facilitators to support equal participation during the workshop. Once registered, participants will be invited to take a short screening survey before the workshop. Participants will be compensated £40 for their time.

This workshop is part of Maryam Bandukda’s PhD research at University College London Interaction Centre and Global Disability Innovation Hub. Maryam’s research explores open space engagement of blind and partially sighted people (details on

Full details here:

Who can participate in this study?

The ideal participants for this workshop are:

  • people who are blind or partially sighted by birth or have lost sight later in life
  • age 18 and above residents Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest
  • familiar with online meeting platform Microsoft Teams (optional)



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