My Sighted Guide service from Guide Dogs!

Ansley and Alex walking through the Market -My Sighted Guide find out more!

Guide Dogs have a great service called My Sighted Guide.

My Sighted Guide connects you with a friendly, trained My Sighted Guide volunteer. They can help you get out and do more of the things you love!

Explore new opportunities with a fully trained sighted guide. By partnering up with one of our friendly My Sighted Guide volunteers, you can get out and about and enjoy life’s pleasures with someone who shares your interests; it could be a simple walk in the park, a shopping trip, going to a football match or a visit to an art gallery.

To find out more about our My Guide service, visit:
or Talk to them on Guide Line on 0800 781 1444.


Rick Story, with My Sighted Guide -video below


Video Description: A support network of family was crucial for Rik growing up. Born prematurely at 26 weeks, he never let his retinopathy of prematurity define him, instead becoming a talented musician who writes music in his home studio during the week and gigs on weekends. As an adult, Rik wanted to move beyond the support of his family.

He learned about our sighted guiding service, My Guide, through Facebook. Rik and his guide Louise hit it off instantly, and he now says she has “opened up the world to me, and it feels like an adventure”.



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