My Guide by Guide dogs
My Guide by Guide dogs
My Guide brought to you by Guide Dogs

The My Guide scheme

The My Guide scheme began in 2012 and is still developing based on the needs of service users.

It is a free service in which volunteers are matched with users to help with participating in activities away from the home including leisure and recreational.

The volunteers and users meet up once a week for a minimum of six months which varies according to the needs of the user.

The volunteers are not to help with essential homebased tasks like reading, housework and shopping, but for getting out and doing things.

Users must be vision impaired, able to speak English and able to walk: the scheme cannot support people with wheelchairs or walking frames but can support  those with crutches or a walking stick.

There is a waiting list of 3 to 4 months, reduced recently from 6.

My Guide enjoys a steady influx of volunteers in London and the age of volunteers ranges mainly between 25 and 34.

Guide Dogs organises the DBS checks on volunteers and pays their travel expenses  and pays £5 per session for drinks.

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