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Metro's London Marathan 2017 training videos from Andy Howard


Andy Howard completed the London Marathon 2017  in a great time of 4 hrs 28 mins and It was an awesome day for all involved, many thanks for running for Metro Blind Sport, enjoy your shiny new medal!

A Huge Thank You to all who so kindly donated!

Andy  Howard raised  £2092 to date.  Which will help keep our members, partners and friends enjoying the many  Sporting and social events that we organise, sponsor or share.
Many thanks again from all at Metro Blind Sport!


Hello Metro Sports Readers.

Just a quick update on my preparation for this year’s London Marathon.

After all my eating and drinking over the Christmas and New Year, January has beenfull steam ahead with my training plan.

I have been spending lots of time at the Gym, which feels like my second home at the moment. Attending lots of Group cycle classes, swimming and running on the treadmill, alongside the odd outside run.

This time of year is really hard to get long runs in what  with the cold and icy mornings, and the sun being so low in the sky, just walking around at the moment  is really hard going, not being able to see much being effected by glair due to the angle of the sun at this time of year.

My vision is getting worse. And running is making me feel worried and tense, which really isn’t helping with my composure when running. So I am not only having to take on a challenge of running a Marathon, but also having to deal with increasing sight loss and fear of bumping into something or someone when training.

I am really enjoying the Spin classes, for those who are not  sure what Spin Classes are, it is a room set up with static bikes, whilst exercising to really loud music.

Group Cycle classes are great for Blind and Partially sighted people because it is done on the spot, not having to move  around the room with lots of other people keeps me out of trouble.  The idea is to keep going for a full 45 minutes, whilst moving from seated to standing positions and changing the tempo of peddling.

If you get a good instructor, they will get the class to involve themselves with encouraging each other to keep going and try your best, and make big efforts.

I attend two spin  morning classes at 7am, a great way to blow out the cobwebs and get me set up for the day, would really recommend this for those who like to lose weight and build up there leg muscles. It is a low impact exercise, so you shouldn’t create  too much  jarring on knees or hips.

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I have got two Half Marathons set up for March, and hope to do a 21 mile run at the end of the same month.

The first Half Marathon is in Victoria Park in Hackney on the 4th, and the second in on the 12th in Dartford, so I am really excited about the runs which will offer  good  preparation for April 24th.  And the big day.

That’s me for now, take care and don’t forget to support Metro with a donation  , small or large , every little helps.

Andy Howard.

Video blog from Andy Howard below

Date:  19 /11/2016

Andy Howard at the Half Marathon at Windsor and Eton in November 2016 in training for the London Marathon.

Andy at the end of the half marathon,  he got a great time of around 1.50 mins

Email: Andy | Website | Andys Blog

Date: 13/10/2016

Andy Howard, Metro Blind Sport’s Runner in the London Marathon 2017 chats about entering a Half Marathon at Windsor and Eton on the 19th of November and that his training is right on track. If you  would like to support Andy training , use the link below

Email: Andy | Website | Andys Blog

Date: 09/09/2016   

UPDATE:  Great news!  Andy Howard is now fully recovered and has started his Marathon training for the London Marathon 2017.  This year Andy has ‘upped the Ante’ and gone one  better and has started documenting his progress in a Youtube Video,  you can view and listen to the first  of the videos below

  • Extract from Andys 2016 Blog:

    “As a blind runner, taking on such a challenge, is a real mountain to climb, and I hope my runs over the next few months will interest you, and offer an insight into running a marathon with severe sight loss. If you have any advice or running tips for me, please share them – Wish me luck!

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Email: Andy | Website | Andys Blog

BLOGS  2016

Date: 14/03/2016

Metro thank all for your donations – Andy Howard has deferred his marathon run until next year (2017) due to bad health, All at Metro wish Andy a safe and speedy recovery. When Andy is well enough, he will send us his personal update and we will upload it here for all to read .

Date: 03/02/2016

Hello everyone, I hope to find you well and keeping to your new year’s resolutions.

Latest update on my London Marathon training, during the last few weeks, I have run both the Start section and the end section the Marathon.
I met up with Steve my guide, and headed down to Greenwich park, so we could run the first 7 miles of the marathon route. It was really helpful, to allow us to get in our minds the route on the day, and to get use to a longer run for both myself and guide.

It was really good fun, to set off through Greenwich heading toward Blackheath, having done a circuler route passing the Iconic land mark of the Kutty Sark, and finishing back in Greenwich Park to end our 8-mile training run.

Having done lots of training runs along the river bank at Hammersmith heading into Putney and continuing through Fulham, I didn’t have to encounter too many hills. Got to say, the hill in Greenwich park has defeated me each time, so I hope in the near future I will get to the top without stopping.

Having ran the first section of the Marathon, we decided to take on the final section of the route. We met up in London bridge, ran down onto the Southbank, heading towards Vauxhall Bridge, passing the London Eye on route. Having crossed the Vauxhall Bridge, we came back on the North side of the river, towards Westminster, passing the House of Commons, along Bird cage walk and into St James’s Park.

We then ran down the Mall, across Horse gardens parade into the heart of Whitehall, dropping down onto Embankment, following the river back to the start at London Bridge.

Each of the runs were for approximately 8 miles, so we are both pleased with our progress, but Saying that, we have to build our fitness, so we can achieve the full 26.2 miles on the day.

I have also started going to the gym to do some weights, and build on my strength alongside my running. I am also hoping to get some early morning swims in next week which should complement my training.

I am looking to set up some half Marathon’s with my guide, so we can work on the real life runs, so we can deal with water stops and moving through crowds whilst running and being guided.


Email: Andy | Website | Andys Blog

Date: 18/12/2015

I am really pleased with the progress of my fitness, having done lots of short runs to build a good foundation to my training plan!

This weekend is looking really exciting, I am going out for my first run with the guide I am going to run with during London Marathon next year, Steve is an experienced runner, but has never been a guide for a visually impaired person before.

I think we will go for an hour run, so we can get use to each other, to see how we can best support our running requirements, enabling us both to feel relaxed in our running

I guess we will both feel a little anxious about our first run together,  hoping we will quickly gain confidence in each other and enjoy the learning experience.

I truly hope this blog, gets you the reader excited enough to consider taking on the challenge yourself.

Have a wonderful Christmas, I must remember not to over do it with the festivities.

Andy Howard.

Date: 20/11/2015

Latest update on my progress towards 2016 London Marathon

I have been really busy over the last few weeks, setting up some running partners – guides to help with my training during the cold and wet build up leading up to Christmas.

I have found a couple of guides who will help me to keep focused over the next couple of months, and help me to build my overall fitness during this time.

I am really pleased to share, I have found a fitness instructor, who will be training with me after Christmas, and he has taken on the task to actually guide me throughout the Marathon.

It is really cool to have found such a guide, because he is happy to set me up with a full Marathon running plan, helping me throughout each stage of the journey.

Being a lazy runner, I will need someone like him to get the best out of my training, and hopefully stay injury free, and push things to the next level.

My hopes, are, to do a sub four hour run, but I will have to work really hard to get there, and I will be adding to this blog, to keep you all up to date with my progress.

Andy Howard.

Date: 30/10/2015

Next year, will bring for me a massive challenge both mentally and Physically. I am at this time, preparing for the London Marathon 2016. This is going to be my second London Marathon, and I am running in aid of a blindness charity called Metro Blind Sports. The charity helps Blind and Partially sighted people to enjoy sports and live a Healthier lifestyle, and opens sporting oppertunity’s which may not be availible to them.

I have not only been set the task of running 26 miles, but also to promote the charity and hopefully reach out to Blind and Partially sighted people across London. Bring it on!

The Race starts in Greenwich Park, and finishes in St. James’s Park, with the iconic finish along the Mall heading up to Buckingham Palace. Being new to London, I really enjoy passing through the many Boroughs where I serve the public through my Piano Tuning and Piano Maintenance work.

I am planning to write Blog entries throughout my training, and also hoping to add some film clips of my training runs along the way. These would be available to watch directly from my website or through my Youtube Channel, and I will let you know on TwitterGooglePlus and Facebook when the next clip is live.

Generally I run from my home, over the Hammersmith bridge towards Barnes, dropping down onto the river bank, heading towards Kew, and on towards Richmond Park. In addition, I will also be doing some track work at the Battersea Park running track , to build up my speed skills and general physical fitness.

As a blind runner, taking on ssuch a challenge, is a real mountain to climb, and I hope my runs over the next few months will interest you, and offer an insight into running a marathon with severe sight loss. If you have any advice or running tips for me, please share them by sending me an email. Wish me luck!

Andy Howard.

Date: 23/09/2015

Hello, my name is Andy Howard, and I have been fortunate to get the Metro Blind Sports London Marathon place for 2016.

I have been a keen runner for many years, so naturally I am really excited to have the opportunity to run my home city Marathon. I have been doing a little training this summer, in preparation for the Ealing half Marathon this weekend Sunday 27th September, as part of my fitness plan for the big one next year.

I will also be shooting some video clips of some of my organised runs, which might be fun to watch, this will also be added to the Metro Marathon Blog , which can also be  found at in news top navigation above.

If there are any members  who would like to come and join me on a run from time to time, please make contact and help me to stay focused on the job in hand.

I will be really interested for any ideas regarding publicising this event, so if anyone has any contacts in newspapers, please let me know, and I will try and get a story published.

All the best


Email: Andy | Website | Andys Blog

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