Member Survey  Results 2016!

Once again Tandem Cycling was the top requested sport, other popular requested activities were

  • Acoustic Shooting
  • Rambling
  • Swimming

“ What would help you to take part in sport more?” was answered most frequently with “sports nearer to home”.

£25 vouchers available to those members completing the survey were won by Alan Whetherly and Enitan Ajayi. Thanks again to all of those who took the time to share their thoughts!

Metro Blind Sport Membership Survey 2015

In 2015 Metro Blind Sports created our first online Metro Blind Sport Membership Survey. Below is what we learned and actioned from the Membership Survey.

What other sports do you think Metro should regularly organise?

Top 3 Results Below

  1. Tandem riding
  2. Swimming
  3. Rambling

Metro Response

As a result of the membership survey

  • The Metro Blind Sport Website has a new Tandem Cycling page. Listing all the available Tandem Cycling sessions in North, South East and West London in one Location.
  • Helped put together a Downloadable Guide: Tandem Cycling Guide by working with the Knowledgeable experts from Wheel for Wellbeing.
  • Metro are Partnering with some of the largest and well known all ability cycling providers in London and are looking into providing our members, funding allowing, with more cycling opportunities in the near future.
  • A weekly Swimming event has been organised with our Partners Sense at Mile End, until the end of May 2016
  • A new swimming session in central London in St Pancras Leisure Centre at a work friendly time, will be starting in May 2016


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