LTA: Disability Tennis Competitions 2021 Update!

Two photos one of a tennis player returning the ball mid height, the other of players and a volunteer shaking hands over the net with the LTA logo top left all above a blue background with stacks of tennis balls, text says LTA: Vision Impaired Tennis National Final 2022 Update!

As you can imagine with varying restrictions across the UK at the moment it has been tricky to finalise a competition calendar. Understandably many venues don’t want to commit to any events early in the year due to uncertainties, so you will notice most events start a little later than usual.

Below are the events booked in so far, more dates will be added in the New Year and thank you very much for your patience on this. All dates are provisional and are subject to change depending on lockdown restrictions in 2021.

Dates and well as entry links will be added to the Disability Competitions Calendar which can be found here:


Learning Disability

  • 20-21 February

Leeds Learning Disability Tennis Competition

JCCS Tennis Centre

  • TBC

Gosling Learning Disability Tennis Competition

  • TBC

Wrexham Learning Disability Tennis Competition

  • 29-30 May

Bradfield Learning Disability Tennis Competition

Bradfield College


Visually Impaired

  • 10-11th April

Newport Visually Impaired Tennis Tournament

Newport Tennis Centre (NP19 4RA)

  • 17-18th April (provisional, trying to move as its close to Newport Event)

Loughborough Visually Impaired Tennis Tournament

Loughborough University

  • TBC

Newcastle Visually Impaired Tennis Tournament

  • 5-6th June (provisional)

Brighton Visually Impaired Tennis Tournament

Virgin Active, Brighton



  • 20-21 March

Newport Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

Newport Tennis Centre (NP19 4RA)

  • 10-11th April

Loughborough Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

Loughborough University

  • 8-9th May

Taunton Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

Taunton Tennis Club


Claire McCulloch
Disability Competitions Co-ordinator


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