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Look who's walking blog with the old rambler
Hope you enjoy my first blog,  where I take you with me on one of my shorter training walks around North London! It’s was a cold day in December, the sun was out and so was the Squirrels!
The “Look who’s walking!” team is taking part in the Peak District Challenge 2018, the team is made up of 3 VI members and 3 Sighted guides determined to do the 50K walk in 10-12 hours!

Youtube video below

My pace was actually 17.39, 341 calories were burned and 3653 steps were taken

Map of shorter walk and some statsd from Fitbit
Map of shorter walk and some stats from myFitbit

Below are the stats of number of Walks per Month, Distance in miles and time spent.

November 2017 stats: 17 walks, 28.5 miles, 11.15 hours

Saul's Nov Walks 2017
Saul’s Nov Walks 2017
December 2017 Stats: 12 walks, 23.2 miles, 7.16 hours
– I blame all that festive cheer 🙂
Saul's Dec Walks 2017
Saul’s Dec Walks 2017
I need to get to a basic fitness level as I have not done any real exercise for over 2 years, sitting in front of a computer will do that to you! Over the last few months, I have had rain, snow and sun and have a tested out my wet weather gear and have been hot and cold in equal measure. What have I learned so far, well Reverse Weatherolgy works. Just pack and carry all your wet and warm gear and the Sun will Shine! #stillwalking
Please check out the other team member Blogs and see how there first walks have gone.
More info on our Project on our Dedicated Website: https://www.lookwhoswalking.org/

Donate Link: http://bit.ly/MetroPDC2018


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