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Call for Participation

Sriraj Aiyer and Paymon Menhadji are studying an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction at University College London. Together we are conducting a project in Accessibility and Assistive Technologies. Specifically, we are looking at studying the use of the London Underground by visually impaired travellers. Our project is hence based on creating a prototype for an audio-tactile Tube map.

Looking at existing work, we noticed that there are large print and tactile copies of the Tube map available on demand, but this is only given on a case-by-case basis. In addition, this would not be useful to the recently blind or those who are visiting London for the first time.

None of the existing solutions makes use of audio cues as well. We, therefore, envisage our project proposing a design for an audio-tactile Tube map that could be installed somewhere in a train station in order to guide the visually impaired around the train network.

This would also make an interesting installation for other users of the transport too. We aim for the map to allow for users to feel their way around the complex Tube network and receive audio cues for the specific stations and connections, with a stretch goal being to include travel information such as delays and closures as well.

We are hoping to conduct interviews and focus groups with members of this population and key stakeholders to evaluate the current design considerations and areas for improvement for the Tube, as well to simply understand our end users more.

Hence, we would like to see if anyone would be available to help. If anyone is interested in helping or have any questions, they can contact myself or Paymon.

Our details are here: 

Sriraj Aiyer –
Paymon Menhadji –

Thank you for your help!

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