Hat Trick 2: The Wait Continues

Metro Cricket Team

12th May 2018

The weather, in surprising sharp contrast to that of the bank holiday weekend, did not suit cricket this Saturday. There were low grey clouds ringing the ground at Highgate as the teams assembled for Kent’s first national league visit to Highgate. The visitors were expecting wet weather, and the home side were keen to start so a game could be played before the expected rain. On winning the toss Kent were asked to bat and their skipper and opener, arriving a little late, was just in time for a prompt start at one o’clock.

Metro had Mo and Gareth to open the bowling with four good tight overs that restricted the visitors to just 15 including six no balls – some clearly a result of the slippery ball. The rain had started early almost as if it had been waiting for the call of “play” before it began.  The first change bowler was not Matt, but Rory who had Ray caught by a great juggling catch by Mark at point and then completed a maiden over. The first change at the other end, after seven overs, of course could not be Matt – it was Amit who with the ball now very slippery and the rain getting harder could only manage two wides before the umpires brought the players off.

The internet was checked for a forecast – the result being that the grey clouds and rain or drizzle were set to stay for the afternoon. Players and spectators were not keen to wait in the cool, miserable conditions until after six to see if might be possible to get in the 15 overs that would mean the match could not be rearranged.

The umpires and captains consulted and with Kent keen to experience as much cricket as possible in the season and Metro hoping for a win rather than a draw both sides left keen to rearrange; therefore leaving the day’s exploits out of the record books.

With no chance to bowl Matt was left, as all of us, on tenterhooks and wondering if his hat trick might arrive next Sunday at Northants. We can only wait with expectation.

Report by Paul Toplis


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