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Goalball Accredited Qualification!

Goalball Leaders Award - Goalball accredited qualification

Goalball Leaders Award
The Goalball Leaders Award is a stand-alone qualification that is accredited by Goalball UK, the National Governing Body of the Paralympic sport.

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London Goalball in Competition!  

Goalball:London Elephants squad picture with Bronze medals

On Saturday 17th March Croysutt Warriors and London Elephants Goalball clubs travelled to Peterborough to compete in a regional intermediate tournament organised by Goalball UK. 

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Goalball Worlds most Inclusive Sport?

Is Goalball the most inclusive sport

Goalball is the first game to have been developed specifically for people with visual impairment and for anyone who has never played it you should read the rules of goalball. For me, the beauty of goalball is the fact that anyone can play it – whether you’re blind, partially sighted, fully sighted or have additional disabilities; it’s the most inclusive sport in the world!

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