Goalball in London – 14 June 2022

Group photo of the London Elephants Goalball team and their Assistant Coach James on a blue background with the london elephants logo on the left
The Castle Leisure Centre,  2 St Gabriel Walk, London SE1 6FG
6.00 pm - 8.00 pm
07885 591684
14th June 2022
First session free then £3 a session.

Are you interested in playing Goalball? 

Would you like to try playing our best-loved sport goalball or even if you want to come and watch?  The first session is free for new players.

We are also looking for volunteers to help support us. if interested please contact Tracy on 07885591684 or email londongoalball@outlook.com.

 Event Details

Venue: The Castle Leisure Centre,  2 St Gabriel Walk, London SE1 6FG
Fortnightly on Tuesdays
6 pm – 8 pm  *Booking Required*   Please  Call to Confirm
Cost: First session free

Meet and Greet: Closest Tube station Elephant & Castle
Contact: Tracy Compton Londongoalball@outlook.com / 07885 591684

Assistance back to the station after the session is also available.

For more information, and to register your interest,
please   Email: londongoalball@outlook.com or call 07885 591684

Metro would advise to always phone or email the event contacts, to confirm that there have been no changes to the event time or date to avoid possible disappointment.


What is Goalball?

Goalball was originally developed by Hanz Lorenzen (Austria) and Sepp Reindl (Germany) in 1946, as a rehabilitation programme for visually impaired World War II veterans.

Within the next few decades goalball evolved into a competitive sport, and was featured as a demonstration sport at the 1976 Montreal Summer Paralympic Games.  The success of this led to the first goalball world championships being held in Austria in 1978, before it was officially included within the Paralympic movement in the 1980 Summer Games in Arnhem and thereafter.

Goalball is a game played by two teams of three players with a maximum of three substitutions on each team.  It is open to both male and female visually impaired athletes, and sighted players can also play domestically.

The object of the game is to score a goal by bowling the ball along the floor so that it crosses the goal line of the opposing team. The defending team has to prevent the ball going in to their goal by stopping it while remaining in their team area.  They must then try to control the ball and attack by bowling the ball back again thereby trying to score in the other goal.

What makes Goalball unique?

  • All players wear eyeshades so that they are totally blindfolded
  • Goalball is played on an indoor court that is 18m long and 9m wide.
  • The court has tactile markings (string that is taped to the floor), which helps players determine where they are.
  • The ball contains internal bells, which help players locate it during play



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