Free Fitness Sessions for VI people in Camden!

Photo of a woman smiling while lifting dumbells at a gym, QCCA and vision foundation logos are on the left and the text says 1 to 1 PT sessions on Mondays and yoga session on tuesdays in Camden call Francess on 020 7267 6635
The Dome, Gym, 107 Weedington Rd,  Kentish Town, London NWS 4NU
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020 7267 6635
02nd August 2021


PT sessions

The PT sessions are delivered on a 1-1 basis in our gym by a qualified coach trained in delivering sports for people with visual impairment.

Clients can sign up for half an hour or an hour session.

 Yoga sessions

The yoga is a small family group session delivered by our yoga instructor.

These sessions are organised by Queen’s Crescent Community Association (QCCA) and  funded by the Vision Foundation


Event details

PT sessions are  1 to 1 sessions

Date: Mondays, Time:  1.30 pm to 4 pm

( these can be arranged on  other days, but this dependant on the coaches availability) please call contact below to find out more.

Venue:  The Dome, Gym, 107 Weedington Rd, Kentish Town, London NWS 4NU


Yoga  sessions

Date:  Tuesdays  Time: 5.30 pm to 630PM

 Venue: The Dome, Gym, 107 Weedington Rd,  Kentish Town, London NWS 4NU

To Book:  your place on any of the above,  please contact Email  or call 020 7267 6635


Zumba classes are also available, please contact Frances above for more details.



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