Flamenco Dance Workshop with SELVis

Flamenco Dance Workshop with SELVis

On Tuesday 14th February a small group of SELVis members attended a flamenco workshop at the Greenwich West Community and Art Centre.

The session was run by experienced flamenco teacher, Emma Graves who brought along flamenco skirts for the women to wear. She started the session by teaching the group some stamps using either the whole foot or just the heels. Once confident with this, she soon moved on to including palmas (claps) and by the end of the hour workshop we had put together a short sequence!

Flamenco Dance Workshop

Everyone attending enjoyed the session and is keen to learn more! Lambeth member Michael Callahan said,

“I enjoyed the session very much and would be interested in attending another session. The instructor was excellent and took full regard to our disabilities.

I found the occasion very sociable, entertaining and good exercise! I believe everybody attending the occasion thoroughly enjoyed themselves. ”

Flamenco Dancing Workshop with SELVis
Flamenco Dancing Workshop with SELVis

Many thanks to Emma as this was her first time teaching a visually impaired group. She said of the experience, “I thought the workshop went well.  The group were a pleasure to teach, open minded and enthusiastic.”


We hope to run some more flamenco sessions soon. Please do get in contact if you would be interested in coming along.

Article by Jessica Beal 

original article on selvis.org.uk


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