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Find your Community Support

Most communities have now set up support groups to help anyone in self-isolation.  This may include shopping for food and collecting prescriptions from the chemist.

I am vulnerable or self isolating, how can I request help?

If you’re a person in need of assistance, we recommend finding your local group here.

If you can’t find a local group or have trouble accessing the spreadsheet, you can contact us and we will do our best to connect you with someone.

Find your local Community helpers

The link below  will  take you to a page that lets you search for Communities / Help in your area, you can add your postcode or town etc,  the results will be shown on a clickable map, but also on a helpful list below the map as well ( it is Facebook-based)

The Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK supports local community groups organising mutual aid.  It provides resources and connects people to their local group.

Who are Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK?

Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK are a group of volunteers aiming to support the network of local community groups organising to support people through the corona-virus pandemic. We are not in charge of this network and have no say over what local groups do. We exist merely to provide resources that will help them flourish.

Is Covid-19 Mutual Aid registered as or affiliated with a religious organisation, charity or political group?

We are not an organisation or charity and local groups are not officially affiliated with us. We are not affiliated to any political or religious groups, though we are united by a belief that social exclusion increases individual and community vulnerability.


Governments Extremely vulnerable Register

Support is also available through a Government Register.  It is free to register if you have a medical condition that makes you Extremely vulnerable to the virus.



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