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Blind and VI Tennis at the Islington Tennis Centre on Wednesdays and Fridays – Fortnightly – Booking Required!

Metro Blind and VI Tennis has Restarted Booking Required!
Metro Blind and VI Tennis has Restarted Booking Required!

Blind and VI Tennis at the Islington Tennis Centre on Wednesdays and Fridays – Booking  is required

We are very happy to say that our Sessions for our blind members and for blind or partially people who are new to the game, will occur on Fortnightly on Wednesday’s and sessions for partially sighted players will occur Fortnightly on Friday’s.

New Tennis Arrangments with ITC- Please read

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Please check the Event details link below

Event details


Latest Tennis Dates: 

    • Learn Blind Tennis:  Wed 14, 25 Oct,  11, 25 Nov, 9 Dec
    • Practice VI Tennis:  Fri  16, 30 Oct,  13, 27 Nov, 11 Dec

Time: 6 pm to 8 pm   Booking required

Venue: Islington Tennis Centre, Market Road, London, N7 9PL

Cost: £4 for members   £8 for non-members

To Book  use tennis event page below

Meet and greet is available to and from Caledonian Road Tube Station by arrangement.

Contact: Lucy Email or call 07966260089

New Tennis Arrangments with ITC- Please read

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Metro Blind Sport Friendly Tennis Tournament 8th Nov 2020
Metro Blind Sport Friendly Tennis Tournament 8th Nov 2020

We are also pleased to announce that we will be delivering an informal Metro Blind Sport friendly tournament on the 8th November at the Islington Tennis Centre.

The tournament will run from 1 pm until 5 pm. The format will be singles for B1’s and doubles for B2-5’s.

Event details

Metro Tennis Tournament 8th November 2020

Date:  8 November 2020  Time: 13:00 0 17:00

Venue: Islington Tennis Centre, Market Road, London N7 9PL

We are limiting the number of participants as follows:

B1’s 4

B2-5’s = 6

The booking form for B1’s is:

The booking form for B2-B5’s link is:

Contact: Lucy Email or call 07966260089

Tennis Return to Play Guidance below – Please read

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Each player will be limited to one guest only from their household or social bubble, where possible, we would like to use players guests as their on-court helpers as well. This will help us reduce the number of additional volunteers we need on-site, which are limited.

There will be no social events, players will be asked to leave the site when their matches are completed for the day.

Entries will be first come first served; a reserve list will be made. Entries will be open from the 7th October. Details will be sent in due course.

Entry is free of charge. Please note that we will not be serving refreshments or providing T-Shirts or trophies as we have done in the past. As results from this event are not being shared with the LTA, we will not be using LTA officials and we will officiate the games using volunteers and/or Metro Blind Sport staff.

However, this friendly tournament is a chance for some practice for those attending the National Finals or a chance for members to have an informal competitive game.

Things may change with localised lockdown rules and government guidance changing, so please keep an eye on all updates we send through and information on the Metro Blind Sport website.



London Metro FC Training Sessions

Football: London Metro FC Training
Football: London Metro FC Training restarted!

I am delighted to confirm that Metro Blind Sport are returning to football at the Score Centre in Leyton. Listed below are the guidelines for our return and I would kindly ask that you read these carefully. Should you have any questions about the information or require support in booking the sessions then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

COVID Arrangements: Score Centre Leyton

We are excited about restarting sessions at the Score Centre and want to make sure that players, volunteers and other helpers feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

There are some changes that are in place and we will follow rules and guidelines from the venue, these may be subject to change as we go along and we appreciate your patience and co-operation as we adapt to the situation.

If you have any queries please let me know or speak to Lucy Simper before you attend or speak with Gareth Jones during the session.

Contact Details


It is essential to know the numbers in advance of who is coming. Please book your sessions so that we can gain relevant information for track and trace purposes. Players should not attend if they have not booked in advance.

booking Links below

London Metro FC Training Sessions

Booking Required

Venue: Score Centre, Oliver Road, London E10 5JY

Booking links for the 2020 sessions can be found by clicking on the below:












Contact: Lucy Email or call 07966260089




All participants and workforce should take the pre-screening questionnaire before leaving home –and keep the results for 21 days.

Members, coaches and volunteers must NOT attend if they:

Have Covid-19 symptoms. List of symptoms can be found here

Have someone in their household who does have symptoms and is in isolation

Have been asked to remain at home by the UK Government track and trace system, or those that are in the clinically vulnerable group. Government advice is detailed here.


Pre-screening questionnaire

Before leaving the house to participate in activity, please check you:

Do not have symptoms of a high temperature (feeling hot, feeling cold, shivers, feeling under the weather).

Do not have a new persistent cough.

You have not got a loss of taste or smell.

You have not been in contact with a person with suspected COVID-19 within the past 48 hours.

You have not been advised to self-isolate due to a third party from another setting (i.e. school) that has been infected with COVID-19.

No-one within your household has COVID-19 symptoms as outlined above, which would require the whole household to go into isolation as guided by UK Government.

Individuals must not attend a session if any of the above are true.


Meet and Greet

We have always offered a meet and greet service for members for our football sessions from Leyton Tube Station. The current situation makes offering this service a challenge in the short term. Therefore, we would advise players to safely make their own way to the Score Centre wherever possible. If this is not possible then arrangements can be made. We will discuss guiding requirements with those players that have booked in to play 24 hours before the session, via email or text.

If guiding does occur to and from the station, this may be completed at differing times and may include verbal guiding.

The Score Centre requires players to enter the facility as a group and depart from the facility as a group. We ask that players, coaches and volunteers wait safely outside the front doors. Please note, the Score Centre includes other services, including a nursery, and other people may be waiting outside. 

Toilets and changing rooms

Only the toilet areas are in use and the changing rooms are closed, therefore we recommend that you get changed before leaving home and have secondary clothing to wear once training has finished. Lockers are available if required.

Hand Sanitising

There are several hand sanitising stations around the venue, but we ask you to bring your own, and encourage you to take advantage of drink breaks for regular hand sanitising. There is a wall-attached hand sanitising station on the right hand side as you enter the building. You are likely to be instructed by the centre staff to use this on entry.

Centre Changes

There is a one way system onto the courts, and the Score Centre have been asking customers to leave via the fire exits on court. Please not that this is quite dark and therefore please take extra care.

Spectators are not allowed.

Face Covering

It is not a requirement to wear a face covering at the Score Centre and advice is not to wear one whilst playing football, please do however feel free to wear one where you feel that social distancing is not able to be maintained. Face coverings will be required if guiding occurs to and from the tube station.



Please ensure you bring your own equipment to use. Please ensure that footballs and other equipment is sanitised regularly.


Opt-in notice

By attending football sessions, you are personally opting into the session on the basis that you have received relevant information to make an informed choice. If you feel you do not have all the information required, please request further information, or do not attend.

Any person found deliberately or consistently breaking the guidance at the discretion of the Sport Leads or Metro Blind Sport staff set out by Metro Blind Sport will be asked to leave the activity with immediate effect.

In this instance details will be passed onto Metro Blind Sport as the organisation responsible for the measures in line with Government advice.


We look forward to seeing you all again, we hope these measures will enable you to enjoy the sessions, if unsure about anything please ask using the contact details below.

Martin Symcox
October 2020

Contact Details



VI Tennis 🎾 Sessions at the Globe Tennis Club on the 🌞 outdoor courts

Photo of a Blind Tennis player on the outside courts at the Globe Tennis Club

Photo of a Blind Tennis player on the outside courts at the Globe Tennis Club

Contact Christina for upcoming dates and availability  Cristina to confirm & for more info!

Time: 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Venue: Globe Tennis Club, 190a Haverstock Hill, London NW3 2AL


Wheels for Wellbeing restarted Monday Sessions!


At Wheels for Wellbeing, we have restarted our Monday sessions at Herne Hill Velodrome in Southwark, although we are operating a booking system (groups of up to 6 people cycling for 45 minutes, over a 3-hour period – i.e. a total of 18 people).

Tandem Cycling only supported if both tandem riders are from the same social  Bubble

WfW won’t be doing any tandem riding unless 2 people are from the same bubble. It would be too unbearable to cycle with a mask and visor (imo) which would be the safest way.

However, side by side cycles should be OK if both riders have masks and visors. Bikeworks have just restarted their “Ride Side by Side project”, for example.

During our sessions I’m encouraging our support workers/carer etc. to cycle with their disabled cyclist, though, so I have yet to mask/visor up for cycling with someone. We have a married couple who are both VI who we can’t accommodate at the moment, sadly.

At the moment our Dare to Ride project is very small scale organised rides for those who are best suited to riding away from roads i.e. in parks, unless people have their own cycles  in which case I can organise longer rides….mainly on an individual basis so that people cycle in their own communities.

I would usually train a tandem pilot initially by having them cycling as a stoker so that they get to understand how that feels. That’s impossible to do too!

Hope that helps to understand where we’re at with regards to tandem cycling.

Herne Hill Velodrome
104 Burbage Road
SE24 9HE


Tel: 020 7346 8482

This is in line with British Cycling and Government guidelines around social distancing. Unfortunately, our sessions at Croydon Sports Arena and Ladywell Day Centre are yet to re-start, as the venues we host at are still closed.

We also have a new project called “Dare to Ride”, which consists of led rides around parks, on roads and other local areas in south London – there may be scope for some tandem riding, which the Senior Administrator/Session Manager will be able to help you more with!

Liz Bull-Domican – Fundraising Officer



Sailing Schedule for Visa-GB 2021

Sailing Schedule 2021 for Visually Impaired Sailing Association (Visa-gb)

 Visually Impaired Sailing Association (Visa-gb)

Sailing Events for 2021 include the following:

  • Scottish Island Flotilla, 15th to 22nd May.
  • The Royal Escape Race, 25th to 31st May.
  • Round the Island Race 3rd July, charter 28th June to 4th July.
  • Sea Vision 2021, 5th June to 3rd July.
  • Blind Week 12th to 19th June 2021.
  • Warm Weather Cruise September/October.

There’s a space for you. For information on any of the trips email: or call Sue on 07767717440

 There are more details about us on our website:


Metro Blind Sport & Partner Events are  suspended  ( apart from the events above)

Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Venues and Events across the UK are closed, the events listed  below on this site for the coming months will not be taking place.

We will continue to review the government advice closely and we will, of course, start activity again when it is safe to do so.


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