eSight 3 Electronic Glasses Launches in Europe

eSight VI glasses launch in europe

eSight 3 is a wearable, hands-free solution that provides sight without the need for any surgery. The glasses have been clinically validated and patented engineering breakthrough that allows the visually impaired to see in the same manner that sighted people do.

Metro Editor:  As with all VI Tech, it is important to try out any product yourself as everyone has different needs.

“eSight 3 is the culmination of over 10 years of research and development, led by the world’s largest, most knowledgeable lab in the world dedicated to eradicating vision loss through wearable technology,” said Dr. Brian Mech. “I am incredibly proud of the hard work our team has undertaken, especially in obtaining the necessary approvals to commercialize our technology in the complex European market.

Ahead of this important milestone, we are honoured to have had some of North America’s top medical institutions and eye care professionals clinically validate eSight.

Our fundamental belief is that ‘Everyone Deserves to See’, and bringing our technology to Europe is yet another key step in fulfilling our global mission.”

Dr. Jane Macnaughton describes the wearable as, “The first head mounted device that offers real potential for the visually impaired. There is nothing comparable in the marketplace, and I am excited to see where this technology is going to take us.”

As with all expensive new products, it is essential and advisable to demo them for yourself in the conditions you will be using them, as not all VI Products work for everyone and to read all the terms and conditions and return options.

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How does eSight work?

■  A high-speed, high resolution camera in the middle of the eSight electronic glasses captures what a user is looking at in real time.

■  eSight’s powerful computer instantly processes the high definition video and displays it on two OLED screens in front of the user’s eyes using cutting edge optics.

■  eSight’s proprietary algorithms enhance the video feed.

■  Full color video images can be clearly seen by the eSight user with unprecedented visual clarity and no perceptible latency or delay.

■  With eSight’s patented Bioptic Tilt capability, users can adjust the eyewear to the precise position that, for them, presents the best view of the video while maximizing outer peripheral vision (which is often still functional for people with low vision). This, along with imperceptible short latency, ensures that a user’s balance is not disturbed and, hence, no nausea occurs– common problems with immersive technologies such as virtual reality headsets. Perhaps more importantly, it is the Bioptic Tilt that allows eSight users to be mobile while using the device.

■  eSight users can easily control color, contrast, focus, brightness and magnification (24X) using a sleek controller and intuitive user interface.

■  eSight users can take photos, and stream video and games utilizing eSight’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and
HDMI capabilities.

Who does eSight work for?

According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 285 million people in the world
who are blind.

Less than 15% of this population are profoundly or totally blind. Unfortunately, eSight cannot currently help
this population.

Over 85% of the world’s 285 million blind people are legally blind or have low vision, and eSight works for most of this larger blind population. This includes blind individuals with the following conditions:

■      Macular Degeneration
■      Diabetic Retinopathy
■      Stargardt Disease
■      Ocular Albinism
■      Optic Nerve Hypoplasia
■      Optic Atrophy
■      Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy
■      Cone-Rod Dystrophy
■      Nystagmus
■      Retinopathy of Prematurity
■      Some forms of Glaucoma
■      Some forms of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)
■      And many others, as eSight continues to research and develop new
technologies that address different conditions.


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