Disability Football Focus Group

London FA Disability Football Focus Group

Disability Football Focus Group

The purpose of the Disability Football Focus Group is to attract people with disabilities to improve access to football for all in London. Football is all about enjoyment and self-fulfilment, yet the number of disabled people being involved in the sport has declined.

We want to change all that! We want to change attitudes. We want to change perceptions. We want to change experiences for the better.

Whether it be football coaching, refereeing, admin roles or just simply playing for a team – we’d like to get disability participation numbers back up! For that to happen, we’d like your help!

If it’s you or anyone within your organisation that has had experiences in football participation – whether that be previous or ongoing, then we’d like to hear from them!

Contact: Conor Mc Brearty  Email: conor.mcbrearty@londonfa.com   Phone: 07834049661 EXT 284

Closing date for applications is the 5th August 2019. We look forward to your response.



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