Cycling: The Velodrome Experience

Three photos of Mark and Ashrafia on a tandem at the Velodrome

The Velodrome Experience by Ashrafia Choudhury


When I got there I met with Mark the ‘pilot’ who would be cycling with me on the track.
Mark was really lovely and told me what to expect and put my mind at ease, as nerves soon transformed into excitement.

I could tell Mark has worked with VI people before, as his audio description of the pedal lock, the special shoes and details were clear and reassuring.

Mark gave me the courage to be in control of my experience by saying that ‘Communication is the key’ – if I want to go faster, slower, if I want to stop, or if I want more time on the track!

I felt comfortable that we could ride the way I wanted to.

Mark and Ashrafia at the Velodrome below!

What does it feel like?

I didn’t have a care in the world!  It was an amazing distraction, I felt free, free from my thoughts, disability, totally free and in the moment.

Feeling so free was helped by having someone there with me, so I knew I was safe, and if I wanted to we could stop.

I was buzzing afterwards, high on endorphins, I was so happy and having fun, and getting fit without realising!

The ride with Mark gave me a kick start to want to get into fitness – he helped push my fitness to the next level, as my body felt flowing and this is a feeling I want to keep.

For myself – I found I needed padding for my derrière – possibly because I wasn’t used to it – so this would be my advice to myself for next time!
I can’t wait to go again!

Ashrafia Choudhury
(Chairperson of Beyond Sight Loss)


Olympic Velodrome event info below

The Olympic Velodrome in Stratford runs two-hour para sessions for disabled cyclists on certain  Monday afternoons, please call to confirm before travel.

Dates:  Mon 27 June,  22 Aug,  12, 26 Sept  2022  Time: 2 pm

Book Online:

£17.00   Address: Lee Valley VeloPark, Abercrombie Road, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 3AB

Email: |  Telephone: 03000 030 613



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