Cross country ski week in Norway!

Cross country ski week in Norway

Ridderrennet in Beitestolen Norway

Once again we gathered at Oslo airport, took the four-hour bus journey in driving snow up to the resort of Beit stolen.

The organisation of this event is so good that the army is waiting to help you with your bags when you reach the hotel, volunteers from the Lions Club are there to help you find food in the restaurant  and them your assigned guide helps you through the finding skis and boots out onto the slopes, well undulations as this is cross-country skiing and you are powering yourself up as well as guiding yourself down the terrain.

You can do downhill/alpine and my room mate, Joe McKeown came second in his category to add to a bunch of other medals from the group..

The weather conditions were stunning this year. Piles and piles of snow bashed down into great tracks for your skis to find and clear skies to light up the tracks for those with a little sight. My third time of asking but actually the 50th time the event has been run.

Some veterans in our group such as Mike Brace and Jim Denton as well as a novice in the form of Maurice Williams. Everyone had a great time whether it was learning, improving or competing in the biathlon, 5k 10k or 20k. I hadn’t done the sonic shooting before but really enjoyed it, especially as part of the biathlon.

If you like exercise, enjoy a challenge and enjoy the outdoors, this is for you. The tracks make it ideal for visually impaired and the technique to get moving, double polling or good old-fashioned diagonal skiing soon gets you in the mood.

Oh, and the army also man/woman drinks stops out on the course. It is such a beautiful landscape, and a real pleasure to be out enjoying the mountain air, keeping fit and every excuse to fill your boots at all of the meals provided at the hotel.

The evenings are also covered including quiz, comedy evening, talent show as well as the awards ceremonies for the races. Harish’ performance on stage, singing his own song, was one of the highlights for me this time around!

article by Chris Lewis


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