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What Do You Know About London Buses?

23rd June 2018

It is said that you wait all day for one and then they come in twos and threes. Yorkshire and Metro will meet in all three cricket formats this year; with a Metro trip away in the T20 cup to follow next week’s BBS cup and this Saturday’s league match. Those from God’s own country will be hoping that the results do not all follow that from this week.

There was for them, the unwelcome arrival of three wicket maidens at Highgate. The first came in just the third over of their innings as their opener got just too much on a defensive prod at Mo’s bowling and was caught and bowled via a well held low catch.

The very next over more misery was heaped on them as their top total was bowled by Rory. After four overs they were three down and still over 300 runs behind the home team; by the time Mo and Rory had finished their opening spells one more wicket had gone down with just a couple of runs added.

There was then rather a long wait for that third wicket maiden as just two wickets went down in the next six overs with batsmen nicking Hassan through to the keeper. Ryan took the ball next; his second delivery was clipped firmly toward mid-wicket, but although struck low and flat it was in the air allowing Nick to run in from the deep, and dive to grab a brilliant catch and remove the only visitor to have reached double figures.

Mark wrapped up the innings by grabbing two more nicks – one from Rob and the other giving Ryan his second wicket. The innings was all over in far too few overs – no last-ditch effort needed here by Metro to get a win.

The visitors had been restricted in their batting as a result of the huge efforts they had put in fielding – resulting in three injuries, a ball in the face, a tweaked hamstring and an ankle turned over. They had all run themselves into the ground chasing the ball on a hot, sunny afternoon facing two batsmen who were both hitting the ball with power and placement.

Yes, despite that outstanding bowling display the win had been set up by a glorious and disciplined batting performance from Rory and Nick who scored 310 between them in just 22 overs. Their innings was almost flawless – perhaps just one chance was offered in the eighteenth over when Rory top edged high into the air only to see the ball drop out of reach of the keeper who had chased it and then bounce and swerve away allowing two runs to be taken. The innings included a six, and thirty-eight boundaries as Nick scored 156 from 78 balls, and Rory 118 from 64.

Next week the teams meet again in the BBS cup – who knows what will happen, so support for the home side will be very welcome ahead of what will be what can be expected to be a crucial league match for Metro against Warwickshire on the 7th July.

Report by Paul Toplis


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