Changes to Tennis VI Classifications

VI Tennis - British Blind Sport – B5 upper limit

Changes to UK Tennis VI Classifications.

British Blind Sport – B5 upper limit review

Five categories are used to classify athletes recreationally and domestically in the UK. British Blind Sport has been reviewing the B5 category and has decided to introduce an upper limit which previously has not existed.

The upper limit for B5 will now be set at 6/18 (LogMAR equivalent 0.47). Those with vision better than 6/18 will not now be classifiable as B5. This will be applied to all new members from May 2019.

However existing members who have been classified within the previous B5 parameters, and who have vision better than 6/18, can continue to compete until their classification is up for renewal.

If you have any concerns or need clarification on how this may affect you please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the LTA or BBS directly.


A summary of the BBS classification table is below:

B1           From no Perception of Light up to and including Hand Movements.


B2           From Counting Fingers at any distance to a visual acuity of up to and including                           2/60.   –  A field of 10 degrees or less.


B3           From a visual acuity above 2/60 to a visual acuity of up to and including 6/60.                               – A field of more than 10 degrees and less than 40 degrees.

B4           From a visual acuity above 6/60 to a visual acuity of up to and including 6/24.


B5           Above a visual acuity of better than 6/24. – Upper limit of 6/18.    

UK BBS classification v International classification in competition

For players who have a valid international classification, this classification will take precedence over any UK BBS classification, even in domestic competitions. Only players who have competed internationally as part of the GB Team will have this type of classification, and players must have a valid date on their international classification ID card for this to happen.

For clarification this means that if a player is classified as “B3” by the UK BBS system, but classified as a “B2” internationally they can play as a B2 in UK competitions.

Any questions please get in touch,
Claire McCulloch
Disability Competitions Co-ordinator

D: +442084877124
M: +447957959057


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