Free Global Launch of OXSIGHT!

Launch of OXSIGHT tech transforming Vision Impaired lives

The Global Launch of OXSIGHT: Using technology to transform the lives of the visually impaired.

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OXSIGHT makes designer eyewear with a perfect balance of style, functionality and smart technology, inspired by years of development at Oxford University. Glasses that are putting people with visual impairment back in control of their vision.

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Synapptic innovative TV Box!

Synapptic innovative TV Box

Synapptic launches its new and innovative TV Box!

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Synapptic announces the release of their new TV Box, which was officially launched at the Sight Village Southeast exhibition, at Kensington Town Hall in London, on 6th November 2018. The new Synapptic TV Box is set to be the accessible home entertainment product for people with sight loss. Like all of our Synapptic products, navigation is easy, via our simple menu system, which is both intuitive and can be used by anyone, even if you’re new to technology. Continue reading Synapptic innovative TV Box!

Blind Developer in a Sighted Team

Blind Developer in a Sighted Team

Stories from the Trenches: What I’ve learned from Working as a Blind Developer for a Sighted Dev Team


Before I can claim any familiarity with the material I am about to present, both myself and the topic at hand need to be introduced. This will set the stage for the later portions of the article.

I am a Dutch developer, recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in IT. During my time as a student, as well as after graduating, I have worked for various companies as a back-end web developer who is slowly but surely also migrating to more and more front-end work, the technological landscape being what it is. I have worked with a variety of technologies, from C# to Python and from Rails to JavaScript.
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Blind Woman Developing Tech

The blind woman developing tech for the good of others

Chieko Asakawa received Japan’s Medal of Honour for her contribution to accessibility research – photo © BBC

The blind woman developing tech for the good of others!

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An accident in a swimming pool left Chieko Asakawa blind at the age of 14. For the past three decades she’s worked to create technology – now with a big focus on artificial intelligence (AI) – to transform life for the visually impaired.

“When I started out there was no assistive technology,” Japanese-born Dr Asakawa says.”I couldn’t read any information by myself. I couldn’t go anywhere by myself.”

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