Acesight: Wearable Video Magnifier

Acesight Wearable Video Magnifier

Acesight: Wearable Video Magnifier

Acesight is electronic glasses that enable people with severe low vision to regain their visual independence.  Even with severe eye conditions, a user is empowered with more possibility when they wear Acesight.

Macular Degeneration,  Retinitis Pigmentosa, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Stargardt’s Disease, Cataracts. 

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Tech can add fun to education!

Tech can add fun to education - ObjectiveEd

Fostering independence in students with visual impairments


Educators can leverage sophisticated advancements in technology to help students with visual impairments develop new skills

Technological innovation provides students with visual impairments new tools to support independent living. The significant rise in the sophistication and popularity of smartphones and tablets creates opportunities to enhance learning and increase access.

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Talkback and VoiceOver!

AppleVis looks at Talkback and Voiceover

A Fair Look at Talkback and VoiceOver

Original Article from by mehgcap – Applevis Edtiorial team

Hello there, reader. Did you come here because you’re the world’s biggest Apple fan, and are excited to join in some Android bashing? Are you in love with Android, with visions of finally hearing someone put those Apple idiots in their place? Well, my goal is to do neither. You see, I’ve used iOS for years and recently spent some time learning Talkback. I found it an interesting experience. I want to compare VoiceOver and Talkback because each has strengths and shortcomings, and each could learn some major lessons from the other. Don’t worry, though: there is a winner.

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Top 10 BlindFoldgames!

Top 10 Audio Games from BlindFoldgames!

Top 10 Audio BlindFoldgames based on downloads are:

  1. Blindfold Racer: 59,282
  2. Blindfold Bowling: 34,318
  3. Blindfold Barnyard: 22,588
  4. Blindfold Greeting Card: 15,240
  5. Blindfold RS Games: 11,989
  6. Blindfold Solitaire: 11,766
  7. Blindfold Word Games: 11,100
  8. Blindfold Simon: 9,837
  9. Blindfold Bingo: 9,539
  10. Blindfold Color Crush: 9,128

The Blindfold Games Launcher  for these games can be downloaded from Apple  App Store link below: