Blindfold Games: The games are back!

Blindfold games are back!

I received a call from Adam on Friday night, and he said the review team had a chance to look at the Blindfold Games again, and understood why they are separate apps, and that the games can continue.  He mentioned games address a need that’s not normally considered by most app designers, and acknowledged how the games are focused on the needs of the visually impaired community. Continue reading Blindfold Games: The games are back!

eSight version 3!

eSight glasses version3

The eye wear technology company, eSight, has launched the third generation of its hands-free glasses that provide instant sight and mobility for those with impaired vision. According to Jeff Fenton, director of outreach and communications for the company, the eSight 3 model delivers a sleeker, smaller and more affordable option.


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Smart glasses in National Theatre

VI Tech: Smart glasses at National Theatres in a year

image above: woman in the auditorium wearing smart glasses and man holding controller ©TechRadar

Smart glasses are being tried out by the National Theatre in an attempt to make performances accessible to the hearing and visually impaired. Its team are also working on a “piece of kit” that will deliver seamless audio-descriptions of events on stage for visually-impaired audience members. Continue reading Smart glasses in National Theatre