Gaming Project for Blind & VI 13-16 yrs!

Games Project for 13 to 16 year olds

Blind in Business – Gaming Project for 13-16 year olds

Are you blind or visually impaired and would like to try mainstream games on devices such as the PlayStation 4 or try VR (Virtual Reality) on the Oculus Rift? We would like you to review hardware and software, so you can make a real impact in the gaming industry.

You can join us to play current PlayStation 4 Games on projector screens. Play audio-only games. Enjoy virtual reality simulations on the Oculus Rift, play group based multiplayer games. Continue reading Gaming Project for Blind & VI 13-16 yrs!

Why Amazon’s Alexa is ‘Life Changing!

Why Amazons Alexa Is Life Changing for the Blind

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Bill Boules, blind since birth, has three Amazon Echos at his home in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and says they’ve been “life changing.”

Boules, 42, bought the smart speaker as soon as it came out and found that right away it helped him more easily access audio content on the web. Previously, he had to use a screen reader, which is software that orally announces the contents of a web page. Continue reading Why Amazon’s Alexa is ‘Life Changing!

Blindfold Games are Educational!

Blindfold Games are Educational

Blindfold Games used for Educational purposes!

Perkins school for the blind eLearning wrote  about Blindfold games

Did you know that a number of these games were designed to specifically to be used by TVIs for educational purposes? Several games were created specifically to address tech skills needed by students who are visually impaired in order to learn and practice specific tech skills required to be successful in the digital classroom and to be successful in taking online assessments. Marty, the developer of Blindfold games, creates games that are requested by blind users and requested by Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs).

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Blindfold Games: The games are back!

Blindfold games are back!

I received a call from Adam (Apple) on Friday night, and he said the review team had a chance to look at the Blindfold Games again, and understood why they are separate apps, and that the games can continue.  He mentioned games address a need that’s not normally considered by most app designers, and acknowledged how the games are focused on the needs of the visually impaired community. Continue reading Blindfold Games: The games are back!

eSight version 3!

eSight glasses version3

The eye wear technology company, eSight, has launched the third generation of its hands-free glasses that provide instant sight and mobility for those with impaired vision. According to Jeff Fenton, director of outreach and communications for the company, the eSight 3 model delivers a sleeker, smaller and more affordable option.


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