London Underground & VI Travel

Call for Participation

Sriraj Aiyer and Paymon Menhadji are studying an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction at University College London. Together we are conducting a project in Accessibility and Assistive Technologies. Specifically, we are looking at studying the use of the London Underground by visually impaired travellers. Our project is hence based on creating a prototype for an audio-tactile Tube map.

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Touching Masterpieces

Touching Masterpeices

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A GALLERY is giving blind people the chance to experience art like never before, thanks to virtual reality and some cutting-edge gloves.Touching Masterpieces is a new exhibition at Prague’s National Gallery that lets users touch 3D models of famous statues in a VR environment.

The works include Michelangelo’s David, the Venus de Milo, and the bust of ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti.

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Gaming Project for Blind & VI 13-16 yrs!

Games Project for 13 to 16 year olds

Blind in Business – Gaming Project for 13-16 year olds

Are you blind or visually impaired and would like to try mainstream games on devices such as the PlayStation 4 or try VR (Virtual Reality) on the Oculus Rift? We would like you to review hardware and software, so you can make a real impact in the gaming industry.

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Why Amazon’s Alexa is ‘Life Changing!

Why Amazons Alexa Is Life Changing for the Blind

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Bill Boules, blind since birth, has three Amazon Echos at his home in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and says they’ve been “life changing.”

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