Bowls: Metro Pairs 2019!

Metro Pairs Competition 2019


On Saturday the 8th of June, the Metro Pairs Competition was held at Ravenscourt Park Bowls Club. 16 of the Metro members turned up nice and early, to play or help, so the first round of games could start on time at 10 o’clock. It was nice to have 3 of our new bowlers taking part: Josie Wood, Yusuf Zeyrek and Vijay Parekh.

In the last week, two of the bowlers had to drop out, so Steve and John, two of the markers, took their places. This left us with only one marker Josie’s husband David, who marked one of the games in each round with the players in the other games having to mark their own games.

Group photo with smiles hands in the air and a trophy at Ravenscourt Park Bowls Club Metro Pairs Competition 2019
Group photo with smiles, hands in the air and a trophy at Ravenscourt Park Bowls Club  – Metro Pairs Competition 2019

The club secretary Susan couldn’t be there this year, but Maureen with her daughter Lea made sure we were all well supplied with teas, coffees and soft drinks.

This year 12 players took part, meaning we had 6 pairs, so a Round-Robin format was used, which meant each pair had to play all the other 5 pairs. 15 games were played, 3 in each round, with most of them exciting close results.

At the end of the tournament, George with Gause were presented with the cup and vouchers for winning all 5 of their games. Josie with Steve were also presented with vouchers for coming second.

After the presentation, where lots of photos were taken, all went to the Wetherspoon pub for a meal and a drink, and had a jolly good evening.

Report by Eric bowls organiser.

Below: Our videos introducing  Blind and Partially Sighted Bowls!

If anyone is tempted to join us or just wants to know more about the game, please get in touch with Eric Gallacher or call 0208 985 6245


Weston-Super-Mare Bowls 2019

Weston-Super-Mare Group Photo Bowls tournament 2019


Last week seven Metro bowlers travelled down to Weston-super-Mare on the 1st of May to be ready for the start of the tournament on Thursday morning and returned home on Monday afternoon.

The tournament is split into two sections, one for the B1 bowlers, and the other for the partially sighted bowlers.  The B1 tournament was played as a Round Robin, which means each player has to play all the other players.  Eric Gallacher managed to win all his games so retained the Lions Cup which he won last year and was given the gold medal.

Photo gallery below

Keith Brenton from Gateshead received the silver and George Phillips from Metro got the bronze. In the open section, each player had to play twice a day for four days.  By the time the tournament finished, four players had won their 8 games.

Wales’ players won the gold and bronze medals, with Alison from Cornwall receiving the silver.  Our Metro bowler Gause also won all his 8 games but came fourth on shot difference.

Gail Hepworth won her first 7 games, then lost to Alison.  Wilbert Williams won 6 of his games.  Constance Onwuka won 5 of her games and Jackie Venus won 3 of her games.

All in all, Metro bowlers won a lot more games than they lost.  It was a lovely friendly tournament, and most of the bowlers have booked in again for next year’s tournament.

report by Eric Gallacher


Andrew Jones Running the 10K!

Andrew Jones Running the 10K with Ben Roback

Andrew Jones Running the 10K with his Guide Runner Ben Roback!

I started running regularly in 2003 when a friend started up a local running group whilst training another friend to run the London Marathon. I initially ran without a guide but as my sight deteriorated I discovered that I did not fall behind and was safer running holding onto a friends arm.

I ran my first race in 2005  and in 2006 I ran my first and last race without a guide when I did not manage to meet up with my guide at the start of the race. I bought a good treadmill in 2009  as I decided that I either learnt to run on one of these scary machines or I would have to stop running. I have kept up with my running but it is difficult to remain motivated to run on your own on a machine without training for a goal or a race.

Andrew Jones, Guide Dog Bobby and Guide Runner Ben Roback
From the left, Andrew’s son waving from behind Andrew Jones, Guide Dog Bobby in the middle with Guide Runner Ben Roback to the right

I joined Metro a year ago and have found my running spirit again.  When I am running I am winning because it should not be possible for me to run due to my eyesight. It allows me to compete against my failing vision.

I joined Metro to regain the social aspects of running. I competed in the Metro games in the summer, and I have started running regularly at Park Run.  I met Ben at the Metro Games where he offered to run as my guide.

We have now run several times together despite living over an hour apart. and last week, I ran my first 10k race with him. I had not managed to run for over three weeks due to a back injury and had also not run on hard surfaces for several years.

We talked our way around the first 8k and then the race was on as Ben had suggested picking up the pace at each of the last markers and making sure I had a sprint finish. Well, sprint finish was duly provided but the aspect of running which I am realising is most important is showing up and taking part. Thanks to Ben and to Metro.

My suggestion for anyone thinking of taking up running or joining Metro would be to give Metro a go and don’t look back!

article by Andrew Jones


Devils Defeated By Belligerent Bulldogs

Metro Devils Cricket Team

Devils Defeated By Belligerent Bulldogs

9th May 2015

The 2015 Metro home cricket season started later than planned, the Metro game against Northants having not taken place, with the visit of the RNC Bulldogs from Hereford to play the Devils. The day was one of those disappointing early summer days where the sun never manages more than a few tempting warm moments, the sky stays stubbornly grey with on this occasion the wind at times making it feel more like March with strong gusts blowing across the field. The only good weather news was that it did stay dry all afternoon.

The Devils were keen to get back to winning ways after their game in Gloucestershire and the start of the day was a good one as the Bulldogs captain called heads only to see the coin land showing tails and Dave elected to bowl to give Devils the best chance of a win. After a typically tight opening over from Alan Turnbull conceding just two extras the first runs off the bat came with a crisp cover dive fielded by Brenda as the away side looked to build a solid start.

They did this pretty well loosing just one wicket until the tenth over when a brilliant diving catch by Andy Law off the bowling of the Devil’s captain removed the second opener, with the score on 64.

The Bulldogs middle order then accelerated the scoring from this good base – captain Tom Rogers looked set to reach 50 until he was caught by Chris Lewis running from his keeper’s position toward the gulley and Dan Sergent did reach 53 from just 28 balls as the score rattled up to 185 from 22.3 overs when he had to retire. Alan and Asif bowled well to concede just 7 more as RNC closed their innings on 192 for 5.

The Devils bowling performance improved on that at Gloucester with extras restricted to 40. After an excellent tea the run chase started with the Devils needing to score at 8 an over to win and perhaps suffered from the pressure that chasing can create as they failed build the sort of solid start that the opposition had.

The scoring rate was kept up but at the expense of loosing early wickets including two run outs to reach 38 for 3 from 5 overs. Chris Lewis and Andy Law set about rebuilding with a 74 run partnership for the fourth wicket that also kept up with the required run rate, but when Chris was bowled after a fine innings of 27 at almost a run a ball the Bulldogs bowlers started to regain control and slow the run rate. After Andy Law and David Burt had been dismissed Metro needed 58 from just under eight overs with Gary Moritz and Asif at the crease, so hopes were high that a win might be possible.

However Gary was struggling to find his best form and was hitting the ball up perhaps a bit too much offering catching chances to RNC – eventually he was well caught by their total keeper with the score on 150 at the end of the nineteenth over. At that point Asif took control of the innings to ensure that a draw was secured as RNC scented a possible victory. He defended stoutly facing four of the remaining overs to leave Devils on 168 for 7 at the close.

A disappointing day generally – although if a “man of the match” was to be awarded this would be for Chris Lewis for that top batting score, a fine catch and taking 2 wickets for 24.

Devils next game is away to Kent on 7th June while Metro hope to start their season away in Yorkshire next weekend.

Article by Paul Toplis

Metro Unstuck on Sticky Wicket

Metro Unstuck on Sticky Wicket
16th May 2015

After, what on a Saturday feels like a crack of dawn start – meeting at King’s Cross at 8.30, Metro’s defence of their BCEW league title did not get off to a good start in Wakefield this weekend. Even getting to that start had been an effort for the captain as with many key players not available through injury raising any team had not been easy and there were two players on debut.

Getting off the train the team then felt the first chill of the day as they were exposed to the blustery wind and the lower temperatures of Yorkshire compared with London.
Arriving at the ground it initially looked as if a fantastic pitch was available but unfortunately this prepared strip had been set aside for another game; with Metro & Yorkshire set to play on a marked out area on an adjoining area of well cut grass that was rather soft and damp creating what was a very sticky wicket.

A prompt start was proposed and agreed so that after Yorkshire has put Metro in to bat the game was under way just after twelve thirty. The start was hard work; the new ball for this season has a slightly lower bounce and on this wicket was at times a struggle to get the bounce at all.

There were two no balls in the first over and a total of 19 in the Metro innings indicating this difficulty. It made scoring hard work – Rory and Mohammed both struggling to get the ball away and the total had only reached 30, with no boundaries, in the ninth over when Mo was bowled by Alex Towers – the first of his two wickets.

Yorkshire then tightened the screws with good fielding and that was to be the best partnership in the innings, the next being the only other of more than 10 due mainly to the first boundary of the innings. Fifty was reached with two wickets down, but the third fell shortly afterwards and then both of the other two experienced Metro partials were caught and bowled by Taf in the fourteenth over.

Devon Adams on debut did find the inning’s second boundary and he ended the day with the best strike rate in the side but the end came soon enough as Arif bowled a wicket maiden and then Nick, a total, bowled David Burt.
At tea of course the thought was – you never know how good a score is on a pitch until both sides had batted although with a full side Yorkshire were clearly favourites with so many overs left for them to bat. Metro’s bowlers did a good job of keeping the ball pitched up to minimise the no ball extras though the innings and a catch by the, ever youthful, Mr Brace at short cover off Mo’s first over with the score on 8 gave some hope.

After that the game was taken away as Rob Arrowsmith joined Taf at the crease and this pair put on 55 for the next wicket; with Taf’s top score of 36 including a sequence of three fours from consecutive balls. After he had pulled two strongly backward of square a fielder was placed there on the boundary only for him to calmly repeat the stroke with a switch hit through third man. Having had such a big influence in the game it was perhaps appropriate that he scored the winning runs with another pull this time almost exactly square of the wicket.

A great result for Yorkshire – for Metro the positives being the good performance of the two debutants and being able to catch an early train leading to an evening at home; now the planning needs to start for a more successful trip to Somerset in June.

Article by Paul Toplis