Metro Bowls Singles Tournament 2022!

Metro Bowls Singles Tournament 2022 first and second place winners banner

Metro Blind Sport:  Bowls Singles Tournament 2022!

On Saturday, the 13th of August 2022, Metro bowlers met to play their in-house singles tournament.

There were eight of us divided into two groups by Steve Simmons. We then played a round robin against each other, and the winners of each round robin played off at the final

Marjorie convoy won her group against Alan Mariza, and Joe and Wilbert won their group against Josie Jackie and Eric

Marjorie and Wilbert played off at the end of the day after a very, very hot tournament they did really well, but Marjorie was not feeling too great, and Wilbert beat her, but it was a very close thing.



We all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Report by Jackie Venus


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Three O’clock and Time for Tea

Metro Cricket Team

Three O’clock and Time for Tea

29th June 2019

A very hot day so tea was very welcome just before three – even more so as the game was already over! It was as if all you had to do was snooze gently in the sunshine just for a moment and you had missed a magnificent Metro performance. The Lions had arrived in third place in the league with a game in hand over Metro; this result places Metro in a strong league position ahead of their cup semi-final against Sussex next Saturday.

So with very little cricket to report on all that can be done is to take a look at all the overs bowled from the scoreboard end. The match started from there and with Mo given the ball. The first ball went through to the keeper; the next struck the batsman on the legs and there a huge appeal – given leg before!  Of course a total had to come to the crease requiring the bowler to adjust the action to get in two bounces; a task well managed as another ball went through to the keeper. The next ball again straight and no need for an appeal as the stumps were hit. The visiting skipper, a low partial, was in next so still two bounces needed and two more great dots through to the keeper.

A purple balloon drifting across the ground delayed the start of the third over as the umpire spent a few minutes escorting it off the ground. Did the delay upset Mo’s line; perhaps it did as the ball was done leg and flicked away by the batsman but straight into the hands of Prem at forty-five. Another change of length needed for the bowler as perhaps the best visiting batsman arrived at the crease. He got bat on the first ball but only to hit it straight back at the bowler. The next ball had good bounce and perhaps hit both body and bat; an appeal as Hassan advanced from short mid-wicket to grab the ball. It was four down with just two runs scored. The over was finished very neatly with three good dot balls.

With such great figures Mo had to be given a third over and he started it as he had begun with five more excellent dots, with two beating the bat, only on the last ball did the other visiting opener manage to get it away for a single. So those numbers; 3 overs, 2 maidens, 4 wickets and just one run!

He was replaced for the next over by Amit who got off to a magical start; dot ball and then the opener edging one to Nick behind the stumps. Next ball the incoming batsman steers it into prem’s hands at square leg to leave Amit on a hat trick. Sadly, it was not to be as the final visiting total saw off the rest of the over = although without hitting the ball. Amit had a tougher task in his next over as he was bowling at a partial who thumped the only boundary of the innings through square leg and another couple through third man. On the last ball of the over an appeal for a catch behind was turned down, only for the batsman to stray out of his crease and get stumped. Amit finishing his two overs with three wickets for 10 runs.

The home skipper took the ball for the next over from the box end, the first after tea, his first ball was struck to mid-wicket for a single to give him a total to bowl at. Two dot balls through to the keeper followed and then an appeal for leg before – given! It was all over as this was out as Hassan had got a half out in his over from the other end just before drinks.

So it was that only 32 were needed for a win and Metro juggled the batting order around to give a batting opportunity to those who often spent time watching others. However after Justin got out Nick was sent in to finish things off which he did with a boundary through square-leg. There it was a game finished in under two hours with all very pleased to be able to benefit from the shade as tea was enjoyed by all.

Report by Paul Toplis



Bowls: Metro Pairs 2019!

Metro Pairs Competition 2019


On Saturday the 8th of June, the Metro Pairs Competition was held at Ravenscourt Park Bowls Club. 16 of the Metro members turned up nice and early, to play or help, so the first round of games could start on time at 10 o’clock. It was nice to have 3 of our new bowlers taking part: Josie Wood, Yusuf Zeyrek and Vijay Parekh.

In the last week, two of the bowlers had to drop out, so Steve and John, two of the markers, took their places. This left us with only one marker Josie’s husband David, who marked one of the games in each round with the players in the other games having to mark their own games.

Group photo with smiles hands in the air and a trophy at Ravenscourt Park Bowls Club Metro Pairs Competition 2019
Group photo with smiles, hands in the air and a trophy at Ravenscourt Park Bowls Club  – Metro Pairs Competition 2019

The club secretary Susan couldn’t be there this year, but Maureen with her daughter Lea made sure we were all well supplied with teas, coffees and soft drinks.

This year 12 players took part, meaning we had 6 pairs, so a Round-Robin format was used, which meant each pair had to play all the other 5 pairs. 15 games were played, 3 in each round, with most of them exciting close results.

At the end of the tournament, George with Gause were presented with the cup and vouchers for winning all 5 of their games. Josie with Steve were also presented with vouchers for coming second.

After the presentation, where lots of photos were taken, all went to the Wetherspoon pub for a meal and a drink, and had a jolly good evening.

Report by Eric bowls organiser.

Below: Our videos introducing  Blind and Partially Sighted Bowls!

If anyone is tempted to join us or just wants to know more about the game, please get in touch with Eric Gallacher or call 0208 985 6245



Weston-Super-Mare Bowls 2019

Weston-Super-Mare Group Photo Bowls tournament 2019


Last week seven Metro bowlers travelled down to Weston-super-Mare on the 1st of May to be ready for the start of the tournament on Thursday morning and returned home on Monday afternoon.

The tournament is split into two sections, one for the B1 bowlers, and the other for the partially sighted bowlers.  The B1 tournament was played as a Round Robin, which means each player has to play all the other players.  Eric Gallacher managed to win all his games so retained the Lions Cup which he won last year and was given the gold medal.

Photo gallery below

Keith Brenton from Gateshead received the silver and George Phillips from Metro got the bronze. In the open section, each player had to play twice a day for four days.  By the time the tournament finished, four players had won their 8 games.

Wales’ players won the gold and bronze medals, with Alison from Cornwall receiving the silver.  Our Metro bowler Gause also won all his 8 games but came fourth on shot difference.

Gail Hepworth won her first 7 games, then lost to Alison.  Wilbert Williams won 6 of his games.  Constance Onwuka won 5 of her games and Jackie Venus won 3 of her games.

All in all, Metro bowlers won a lot more games than they lost.  It was a lovely friendly tournament, and most of the bowlers have booked in again for next year’s tournament.

report by Eric Gallacher



Andrew Jones Running the 10K!

Andrew Jones Running the 10K with Ben Roback

Andrew Jones Running the 10K with his Guide Runner Ben Roback!

I started running regularly in 2003 when a friend started up a local running group whilst training another friend to run the London Marathon. I initially ran without a guide but as my sight deteriorated I discovered that I did not fall behind and was safer running holding onto a friends arm.

I ran my first race in 2005  and in 2006 I ran my first and last race without a guide when I did not manage to meet up with my guide at the start of the race. I bought a good treadmill in 2009  as I decided that I either learnt to run on one of these scary machines or I would have to stop running. I have kept up with my running but it is difficult to remain motivated to run on your own on a machine without training for a goal or a race.

Andrew Jones, Guide Dog Bobby and Guide Runner Ben Roback
From the left, Andrew’s son waving from behind Andrew Jones, Guide Dog Bobby in the middle with Guide Runner Ben Roback to the right

I joined Metro a year ago and have found my running spirit again.  When I am running I am winning because it should not be possible for me to run due to my eyesight. It allows me to compete against my failing vision.

I joined Metro to regain the social aspects of running. I competed in the Metro games in the summer, and I have started running regularly at Park Run.  I met Ben at the Metro Games where he offered to run as my guide.

We have now run several times together despite living over an hour apart. and last week, I ran my first 10k race with him. I had not managed to run for over three weeks due to a back injury and had also not run on hard surfaces for several years.

We talked our way around the first 8k and then the race was on as Ben had suggested picking up the pace at each of the last markers and making sure I had a sprint finish. Well, sprint finish was duly provided but the aspect of running which I am realising is most important is showing up and taking part. Thanks to Ben and to Metro.

My suggestion for anyone thinking of taking up running or joining Metro would be to give Metro a go and don’t look back!

article by Andrew Jones