Skiing: Ridderweek Audio Podcasts

Skiing Ridderweek Audio Podcasts by Ying Chan

Every winter at the end of March a very special multi disability multi snow sports event takes place in a small mountain village in Norway 220 km north-west of Oslo

My name is Ying Chan and I am a blind cross country skier who is one of 400 participants from 12 different countries coming to Beitostolen to take part in the Ridder week.

It’s a fun week of cross country ski races culminating in the big 20 k ski race known as the Ridderren or Knight’s race.
This podcast will plunge you into the mad atmosphere and excitement created by the sounds, music and voices of the incredible Ridder week!

The Ridderren – Mad, Crazy, Exciting Disabled Cross Country Ski Racing in Norway


I’ve also added a recording of the army band playing at the celebration dinner on Saturday night if you would like to listen to it:

Army band playing at the celebration dinner

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VI Sailing is a Growing Passtime

Sailing For Vision Impaired People Is A Growing Passtime

Sailing For Vision Impaired People Is A Growing Passtime.

There are now lots of opportunities for blind and partially sighted people to dip their toe in the water and get sailing.From week-long yacht cruises to specialist groups and welcoming yacht clubs, there’s never been a better time to have a go.

Even at the top competitive levels, teams from Great Britain are hugely successful in competitions, around the globe.

Listen to RNIB Connect Radio’s Allan Russell below in the audio podcast he speaks to World Champion sailor Lucy Hodges, to learn more about the sport and look at past, and future, competitions…

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Podcast on Blind Sailing Week!

Blind Sailing Week-RNIB Connect Radio

Blind Sailing Week

RNIB Connect Radio’s Allan Russell, who himself has attended the sailing week in the past, spoke to organiser Grant Morris to get more information.

Even if you’ve never sailed before, or an old salt looking to get back on the water, Blind Sailing Week is back, and they have places available.

The summer event sees blind and partially sighted people sailing with sighted crew on a flotilla of yachts, around the south coast of England and the fun packed week is now taking bookings.

You can listen to the RNIB Sailing Week For VI People  Audio Podcast below

Link to blind Sailing week event: