Metro at ICC Trophy Tour!

ICC Cricket Trophy World Tour at North London Cricket Club

Metro Cricket Teams Demo Blind Cricket on the ICC Cricket Trophy World Tour!

The Trophy has been touring for 100 days around the world and now it is in the UK.

On Tuesday 21  May at the North London Cricket club at a closed event, The Metro cricket teams will be demonstrating Blind Cricket to youtuber Theo Baker and ICC representatives and the players will no doubt getting some well-deserved photos with the oh so shiny Trophy in the process!

Twitter : @cricketworldcup   @theobaker_ ‏  #CWCTrophyTour

Find out where the tour is going to next via their Website: 

ICC Cricket Trophy World Tour! Trophy at Stonehenge
ICC Cricket Trophy World Tour! Trophy at Stonehenge



MSSC Upcoming cycling events

Tandem cycling with merton sports and social club

Merton Sport and Social Club Upcoming Cycling Events

We have enjoyed some great rides so far this year in varying types of weather!  Now that spring is in the air and the hours of daylight are extending, we are looking ahead and hoping to plan some all day rides plus some gentle evening excursions and even a weekend cycling trip, to make the most of the lighter, longer days.


How do you fancy a weekend of tandem cycling, largely through beautiful English countryside, leaving the Guardian Centre early on Saturday 6th July, stopping overnight at an AirBnB, then cycling back to Colliers Wood on Sunday 7th?  The precise route and destination will depend on numbers and where we can find suitable accommodation for us and the bikes, so it is vital we gauge interest as quickly as possible.  Please let us know ASAP if this appeals to you.



As soon as we are into May, We are looking to run a weekly evening ride, probably on Wednesdays, starting around 6.30 from the Guardian Centre and returning between 9.00 and 9.30pm.  However, we can only run these rides if we have enough willing pilots and ride leaders, who know of well-located pubs and the best route there and back!

Please get in touch if you would like to cycle on any Wednesday evening in May, June or July, especially if you can lead a ride.




Bike Week is an annual event initiated by Cycling UK.  It is a great opportunity to celebrate the social, health and environmental benefits of cycling.  This year, Bike Week is between 8th and 16th June.  If you have any ideas as to how MSSC can celebrate this special event, please get in touch.




Below are ride dates for the next few months of 2019  (S stands for short, L for long and E for evening). The all day rides will be at least 50 miles in length, with several refreshment stops, and will return early evening.



Sunday 5th (all day ride)

Wednesday 8th (E)

Wednesday 15th (E)

Saturday 18th (S)

Wednesday 22nd (E)

Wednesday 29th (E)


Sunday 2nd (all day ride)

Wednesday 5th (E)

Wednesday 12th (E)

Saturday 15th (S)

Wednesday19th (E)

Wednesday 26th (E)


Wednesday 3rd (E)

Saturday 6th/Sunday 7th (weekend ride)

Wednesday10th (E)

Wednesday 17th (E)

Saturday 20th (S)

Wednesday24th (E)

Wednesday 31st (E)


Sunday 4th (L)

Saturday 17th (S)


Sunday 1st (L)

Saturday 21st (S)


Sunday 6th (L)

Saturday 19th (S)

if you are willing to lead a ride or recommend a particular destination, please let us know, as we are keen to broaden our base of ride leaders and expand our repertoire of routes.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Richard and Terry James

MSSC Tandem Section




We endeavour to keep our bikes well maintained and in good condition, in order to have enough suitable tandems available for each ride.  Inevitably, however, some of our bikes incur mechanical difficulties every so often, which we aim to rectify in time for the next ride.  This can be demanding in terms of time, energy and money, so we would be hugely grateful for any help from anyone with bike maintenance know-how and a bit of time to spare.  Happily, a couple of our regular pilots have kindly offered to put some Tuesday afternoons by to inspect and clean the bikes and carry out minor repairs.  Please let us know if you are free to join them to help keep our cherished tandems in good order.  If you have no maintenance skills, but are happy to help clean the bikes, you would be very welcome.



Are you keen to improve your cycling technique?  Are you a back rider who would like to learn more about gear changing and  how a bike actually works?  Would you like to see what it’s like

on the front of a tandem?  If there is sufficient interest, we would be happy to schedule   some “pedal power” workshops, either on a Saturday morning or on a Tuesday evening before the drop-in social.

Let us know if this is of interest.



Essentially, all you need to remember is that, as a general rule, the long ride is around 30 to 40 miles and is on the first Sunday, while the short ride is around 15 to 25 miles on the third Saturday.


Unless otherwise stated, all rides start at 8.30am from the Guardian Centre and include a refreshment stop.  Please endeavour to arrive promptly, so that the bikes can be prepared in good time for a 9.00 departure.  We TRY TO make it a priority to see that the long ride returns by 3.00pm and the short ride by 1.00pm, so waiting for latecomers to arrive can mean the ride has to be cut short.


If you are a stoker, please email to book on to a ride as soon as possible, preferably with at least a fortnight’s notice.  Securing sufficient pilots tends to be a demanding task, and places on a ride will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  If you are a pilot, letting us know your availability well in advance is hugely helpful.  The ride organiser will confirm whether or not sufficient pilots are available by the Thursday before the ride; if you have not heard by then, please contact us to check your name is definitely on the list.


Long Haul Holidays: Traveleyes

Long Haul Holidays -Traveleyes

Traveleyes was founded in 2004 by the blind entrepreneur, Amar Latif. We are the world’s first commercial tour operator providing independent group travel for people who are blind or partially sighted. Blind travellers can simply choose a group holiday from our fully accessible website or audio brochure, then just book, and go! Those who travel solo no longer have to depend on family members or friends to accompany them on holiday.

Sighted travellers join each holiday too. They help in making the world a more accessible place by guiding and describing the sights to our blind travellers. In return, sighted travellers benefit from a discount of up to 50% on each holiday.

Each holiday itinerary is carefully hand-made by our expert team, with a focus on stimulating all of the five senses. This means that we can guarantee a truly unique and multi-sensory travel experience.

Long Haul Holidays All Over The World with Traveleyes

Long haul holidays take us to parts of the world we can only dream of. A few hours on the plane and you’re transported to a faraway land that will give you memories to last a lifetime. At Traveleyes, we go to so many different places but which takes your fancy?

Is it the South American appeal of Peru, the Majestic Himalayas or perhaps you want to explore Asia via a Thailand Tandem Cycling trip?

To find out more, check out our Traveleyes long haul holidays below!

Peru: Ancient Land Of The Inca

Date: 9th August – 24th August 2019 (16 days)

Discounted Sighted Price: £2999

Peru is one of those bucket list destinations that will amaze you at every turn. On this break we’ll visit Machu Picchu, discover the man-made Uros islands on Lake Titicaca, and learn about wildlife and conservation efforts in the Amazonian jungle.

Read More

Laos and Cambodia: Mystical Charms Of South East Asia

Date: 15th September – 27th September 2019 (13 days)

Discounted Sighted Price: £1999

On this adventure, we combine two of the most popular countries in South East Asia – Laos and Cambodia. We’ll take part in a Tak Bath ceremony, enjoy the beautiful Angkor Temples, and we’ll visit the Killing Fields to learn about a significant time of history in the 1970s.

Read More

Thailand Tandem Cycling: From Bangkok to Phuket

Date: 14th October – 25th October 2019 (12 days)

Discounted Sighted Price: £2399

Come with us to Thailand and explore this exciting country in the most unique way. We’ll be tandem cycling along the coast from Bangkok to Phuket, all while exploring waterfalls, coffee plantations and historic memorials along the way.

Read More

Nepal: The Majestic Himalayas

Date: 3rd November – 14th November 2019 (12 days)

Discounted Sighted Price: £1899

Nepal will steal your heart and is there any wonder with its heady mixture of Himalayan landscapes, thick jungle, and lively towns? We’ll travel from Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park and across to Pokhara on this journey through Nepal. We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

Read More

 View all the holidays on the Website:

Long Haul Holidays: Traveleyeslease note, there are limited spaces on our holidays and, due to high demand, we expect places to sell quickly. All bookings are subject to availability. Holiday bookings can be made online through the Traveleyes website or by calling our office on the numbers below. For more information on how our holidays work, simply call us or reply to this email with your query. Our friendly team are always happy to help!

UK: (0) 113 834 6094


Weston-Super-Mare Bowls 2019

Weston-Super-Mare Group Photo Bowls tournament 2019


Last week seven Metro bowlers travelled down to Weston-super-Mare on the 1st of May to be ready for the start of the tournament on Thursday morning and returned home on Monday afternoon.

The tournament is split into two sections, one for the B1 bowlers, and the other for the partially sighted bowlers.  The B1 tournament was played as a Round Robin, which means each player has to play all the other players.  Eric Gallacher managed to win all his games so retained the Lions Cup which he won last year and was given the gold medal.

Photo gallery below

Keith Brenton from Gateshead received the silver and George Phillips from Metro got the bronze. In the open section, each player had to play twice a day for four days.  By the time the tournament finished, four players had won their 8 games.

Wales’ players won the gold and bronze medals, with Alison from Cornwall receiving the silver.  Our Metro bowler Gause also won all his 8 games but came fourth on shot difference.

Gail Hepworth won her first 7 games, then lost to Alison.  Wilbert Williams won 6 of his games.  Constance Onwuka won 5 of her games and Jackie Venus won 3 of her games.

All in all, Metro bowlers won a lot more games than they lost.  It was a lovely friendly tournament, and most of the bowlers have booked in again for next year’s tournament.

report by Eric Gallacher


Metro’s Double UK Bowls Champion

Amit Amin Double UK Bowls Champion

Metro’s has a Double UK Bowls Champion

The UK Outdoor Bowls Singles are held every two years and the four home countries take turn in hosting these games.  Last July 2018 it was Wales’ turn to organise the tournament.  Metro’s Amit Amin was selected to play for England in the B1 section for totally blind bowlers.

Each country is entitled to select two bowlers in each of the four sections men and women.  Keith Brenton from Gateshead was the other England bowler to play with Amit.  By the end of the tournament, Amit had won more games than Keith and the other bowlers, so was presented with the gold medal.

Last month in April 2019, two Metro bowlers were selected by England to play in the UK Indoor Bowls Championship.  This tournament is also played every two years, but in the years when the Outdoors are not being played.

This time Metro sent Steve Simmons in the B3 section and Amit again in the B1s.  Steve did very well and came home with the silver medal.  In the B1 section, It was touch and go who was going to get the gold between Amit and Douglas from Scotland.

They both ended up with the same amounts of wins, but Amit just pipped Douglas as he had scored two more shots.  This now means that Amit is both the Outdoor and Indoor UK Champion in the B1 men’s section.

This Friday, the 10th of May, he is off to Israel to play against the best from several countries, so let’s wish him all the best.

article by Eric Gallacher